Ben Flajnik’s Bachelor 16 Blog on Why He Didn’t Give Shawntel Newton a Rose in Episode 3

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Ben Flajnik’s Bachelor 16 Blog on Why He Didn’t Give Shawntel Newton a Rose in Episode 3

Ben Flajnik had no idea he was dating an angry mob of mean girls — until he saw them attack Shawntel Newton last night on The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 3.

“After watching, I didn't realize that the women were so mean to Shawntel and I was a bit taken aback,” Ben wrote in his blog. “I mean I knew it was a bold move on Shawntel's part, but some of the women took it a bit too far.” (A bit? Ya think?)

Ben also clarified his pre-show relationship with Shawntel and the idea that there could’ve been something between them under different circumstances:

“Shawntel and I had chatted a few times in between seasons and I thought she was an interesting, beautiful woman and she was right to assume that there was a connection,” Ben wrote. “There was, but the timing was wrong. So, you can imagine how surprised I was when she showed up to the cocktail party unannounced. I knew if I kept Shawntel around I would lose all the credibility I had built with these women and it wouldn't be easy to dig myself out of that hole. Let's put it this way – if Shawntel had started the journey with the rest of the women it might have been different. But I was already so happy with the group of women that I had that I wasn't about to jeopardize the rest of my experience in trying to find love. I do want to thank Shawntel though for coming. She gave up a lot to try this and I really respect her for it.”

Wonder if he is still as happy with the group of women now that he sees what they are really like.

On a brighter note, Ben talks about his enjoyable one-on-one dates with Emily O'Brien

Erika Uhlig and Lindzi Cox. Read all about it in Ben’s full blog here. He also added a note that Kacie Boguskie stood out the most to him during the snowy group date in San Francisco. (Hmm, could that be because of all the “butt skiing backwards” she was doing?)

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