Ben Higgins: There Was Much More to My Date With JoJo Than You Saw!
JoJo Fletcher and Ben Higgins
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The Bachelor

Ben Higgins: There Was Much More to My Date With JoJo Than You Saw!


It sure seemed like JoJo Fletcher got the short end of the stick for her 1-on-1 date with Ben Higgins this week — but apparently there was much more we didn’t see!

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While Bachelor 2016 viewers only saw the Dallas beauty and Ben take a quick helicopter ride and make out in front of some fireworks, the Indiana hunk reveals in his blog this week they actually had a wild evening!

But before we get to that, we should also mention the Bachelor’s surprising feelings about JoJo before their date. Apparently, he was worried their “intense passion” was just “lust” and nothing more!

“I was a little nervous too, because I have had moments in my life where I was intensely attracted to a woman only to find out that was all that we had together,” Ben writes in the People post.

Luckily, as we saw, they were able to “connect on a deeper, more emotional level” later on, thanks to the 25-year-old beauty opening up about her past relationship and trust issues.

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Possibly more interesting, however, was what the couple actually got up to during their time together in Las Vegas! For one thing, apparently Ben hit the jackpot!

“JoJo and I went down and hit the tables for a little bit and actually hit the jackpot on a hand of blackjack!” he details. “I'm not going say how much we won, but it was WAY more than I had ever won in my life. So exhilarating.”

Why the heck didn’t they show that?! Maybe it wasn’t romantic, but still pretty cool and maybe a good omen? After all, he reveals the reason they actually gambled was their helicopter tour of the Valley of Fire was rained out.

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So don’t worry, JoJo fans, girlfriend had plenty of time with our man — we just didn’t get to see it!

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