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Ben Higgins and Olivia Caridi
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Ben Higgins Explains Why Olivia Caridi Stayed: “I Had No Clue What Was Going on”


Ben Higgins is juggling a lot of women at once on Bachelor 2016 and we think he's doing a pretty great job at it. Except maybe when it comes to Olivia Caridi. What gives?

Well, before we start questioning the Colorado hottie's decisions when it comes to the house villain, let's hear him out.

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During Bachelor Live's Week 5, Chris Harrison asks on behalf of Bachelor Nation, "How have you not let Olivia go? How have you not realized this? So when did you actually start to catch on and how cognizant of this were you?"

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"I'm seeing it for the first time and I've said it over and over again and I get asked all the time about Olivia," Ben says, adding, "Now I rewatch this and we see everything play out, we see the whole story unfold. When I'm in it, my story is trying to figure out the story and figure out all these women and date these women and focus on our relationships."

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In other words, Ben wasn't seeing the other side to the Texas news anchor until the contestants started speaking up.

VIDEO: Ben Higgins Finally Sees Red Flags With Olivia Caridi

"Until, really, Mexico City, I had no clue what was going on with Olivia," Ben explains.

Well that's clearly not the case going into week 6! Based on the previews, we're in for some classic Bachelor drama in the episodes to come.

Scroll down to see what Bachelor Nation had to say about the whole Olivia situation.

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