Ben Scott Warns America About “Outrageous Lies” on Men Tell All
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The Bachelorette

Ben Scott Warns America About “Outrageous Lies” on Men Tell All

Ben Scott’s appearance on The Bachelorette Season 9 was among the most entertaining things we got to watch this year. Whether he was stealing time with Desiree Hartsock, making Mikey Tenerelli’s ears steam, or just smiling deviously while wearing tank tops, Ben always made an impression.

But though he spent like four weeks just hanging out near Michael Garofola, waiting to hear what the Florida man was mad about next, Ben remained largely unflappable — until his infamously colorful limo exit. So, with “Men Tell All” happening in T minus really soon minutes, we have to wonder what it is that has Ben’s blood boiling in 140 characters or less.

“Tonight, someone will attack my personal life again, it will be out of the blue and OUTRAGEOUS LIES! Mistake = Attacking Brody's mom,” Ben tweeted on July 22. SO MANY CAPITAL LETTERS! YELLING!

Uh, what has him “You don’t know my life”ing all over the Twittersphere? We can only imagine that it has to be something good for him to get up in arms about it. Looks like Ben’s ex, Stevie, is about to get her name dragged through the rose petal-studded mud. And why? Well, for being Ben’s ex, we suppose...

As for it being “out of the blue,” we’d like to take a minute to remind Mr. Scott that in a season of largely nice, quiet dudes, Ben definitely stood out as an outrageous (lowercase) person. We are curious about one thing, though: how do these guys still have Ben-related smack left to talk?

Tune in to “Men Tell All” at 8/7c for the answer to all the riddles.

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