Bentley Williams and Kalon McMahon Slam Desiree Hartsock?
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The Bachelorette

Bentley Williams and Kalon McMahon Slam Desiree Hartsock?

Much like the rest of Bachelor Nation, Bachelorette veterans Kalon McMahon and Bentley Williams are obsessed with Desiree Hartsock's season of our favorite romantic love journey. But unlike us, they most definitely hate-watch it.

That's right, Kalon and Benny From The Block are biting the hand that feeds them — in the most hilarious way ever. These two have taken it to the internets to live-tweet Des' season, and we've rounded up a few highlights for you to LOL (or wag your finger and cluck your tongue) at.

(Actually, to be fair to "Bad News Bentley," it's not really him behind the @teambentley handle, but rather a role-playing account. Still, pretty convincing portrayal! Even Kalon seemed convinced, retweeting the greatest hits from last night's live tweet.)

1. Bentley worries about Brooks

Um, kissing a unicorn = our erotic fantasies come true.

2. Kalon hates on Desiree's Rose Ceremony gown

Whatever, that sequined bib caught all her tears.

3. Bentley side-eyes Kasey and Des' pool plunge

Don't questions Kasey's secret genius.

4. Kalon hates on Des

Feel that Des? It's THE BURN.

5. Bentley mocks Des' bond-a-thon with her diary

No comment....

Check out Kalon and Bentley's respective Twitters for more of their hilarious Bachelorette thoughts and feelings. Do you think they're being too harsh on our girl Desiree?

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