Benzino Claims Joseline Hernandez Is Abusive Towards Stevie J.!
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Benzino Claims Joseline Hernandez Is Abusive Towards Stevie J.!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta best friends Benzino and Stevie J have had their share of ups and downs, but it looks like the bromance between this two is officially over. After tons of mudslinging on Twitter, leaked nude photos, and an epic fight during the Season 3 reunion show taping, Stevie and Benzino have been at each other’s throats — and now Benzino is blaming it all on Stevie J.’s wife, Joseline Hernandez.

“It’s all about that beast he’s with … that monster that Love & Hip Hop created. It’s always been back and forth, always pretty much over her… It always has something to do with Joseline,” Benzino told Vlad TV in a recent interview.

But guys, it gets worse. Now Benzino is claiming that Joseline is not only the source of Benzino and Stevie J.’s rift, but that she's abusive to Stevie J.

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“First of all, when you see Stevie and Joseline on episodes from Season 1, it’s just always about her disrespecting him, whether it’s her punching on him… I think she ripped his ear off where he had to get stitches,” Benzino explained.

Benzino Claims Joseline Hernandez Is Abusive Towards Stevie J.!
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But as much as we’ve seen Joseline go toe-to-toe with her hubby, Benzino said there’s a lot more that we haven’t seen.

“We’ve heard stories of her pulling guns on him, all kinds of stuff. Hitting him in the head with a red bottom while he was sleeping. You know, he’s taken abuse from her,” he later said.

The Boston rapper continues: “She’s abusing him. Whether it’s a scene or an episode… she just disrespects him and to me. There’s no money in the world that I could take [to take that] disrespect. So if she’s gonna disrespect him, she’s sure not going to have any respect for his friends, family members, or anyone around him.”

Sigh. Well, even though Benzino and Stevie J. are at odds, it looks like Zino still cares for his former pal. After all, he was there for Stevie when the record producer said his wife cheated on him with some 30 men…

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Source: Vlad TV