Benzino Gives Stevie J. Proof of Joseline Hernandez’s Cheating (VIDEO)
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Benzino Gives Stevie J. Proof of Joseline Hernandez’s Cheating (VIDEO)

Remember a couple of months ago when Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Benzino claimed that Joseline Hernandez cheated on his (at-the-time) best friend, Stevie J.? The Hip Hop Weekly publisher told us to stay tuned to see it all unravel, and in this latest clip, we get the scoop on Joseline’s adulterous ways.

In the new sneak peek, Benzino steps outside for a smoke with friend Tony and Joseline’s driver, Rich, and receives the shock of his life.

“Rich is the guy I was telling you about that had sex with Joseline,” Tony tells an initially-skeptical Benzino. He then goes on to say that Joseline’s been a negative influence on his relationship with Stevie J., and this just proves that she’s not right for his friend.

“Joseline is the f—king reason everything goes haywire,” Benzino starts. “Like me and Sleaze don’t been through all kinds of s—t together. The worse s—t we’ve been through is over her. The reason why he’s not in the studio making good music is her.” “A man’s gotta be a man, Rich,” Benzino tells Rich. “You gotta be honest. You heard ‘the truth will set you free,’ Rich? Well the truth will set Sleaze free,” Zino says.

After a brief moment, Rich tells the men his “truth,” which further stuns Benzino. We’re guessing that this was the first admission that led Stevie to reveal that Joseline had reportedly cheated on him with 30 men, but we’ll soon find out how true the accusations are on the next episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta when Stevie confronts her about it.

Do you think Joseline really cheated on Stevie J. or is it all a misunderstanding? Sound off in the comments below!

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