Althea Heart Says Benzino Admitted to Affair With Jennifer Williams! (PHOTO)
Althea Heart, Benzino and Baby Zino
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Althea Heart Says Benzino Admitted to Affair With Jennifer Williams! (PHOTO)


The Next :15 star Claudia Jordan dropped quite the bombshell during the Season 1 reunion show when she speculated castmates Benzino and Jennifer Williams were doing more than working on Jen’s new single, “No Bricks.”

In fact, Claudia openly accused the former Basketball Wives star of having sex with the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta veteran, and now the latter’s on-again, off-again fiancée Althea Heart is confirming the sordid affair!

EXCLUSIVE: Claudia Jordan on ‘The Next 15′ Feud With Jennifer Williams

While live-tweeting the conclusion of the two-part reunion on April 10, the Atlanta Season 4 star revealed the Boston rapper admitted to having a tryst with Jen.

But the “Ghetto Love” singer added the cosmetics CEO wasn’t the only member of The Next :15 cast he messed around with, accusing the Deal or No Deal model of making good on their rumored hookup from years ago!


The 43-year-old model quickly attempted to correct Thi Thi on her insinuations. However, the Controversy singer persisted in her account of her relationship with the Hip Hop Weekly publisher.

EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Williams on ‘The Next :15′ Reunion Drama: “I Blacked Out”

Jennifer did her best to shut down the rumors of an affair with Benzino…

And eventually, the Boston rapper himself hopped on Twitter to quell the rumors of sleeping with either of the ladies.

With all the allegations and denial being tossed around, it’s uncertain as to what really happened between Benzino and the ladies involved. Thankfully, with the show’s end, everyone can enjoy a little space from one another.