Benzino Slams “Green Screen Gangsta” — Is He Talking About Joseline and Stevie J?
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Benzino Slams “Green Screen Gangsta” — Is He Talking About Joseline and Stevie J?

It wouldn’t be a day ending in “y” if a Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star didn’t go off on another LHHATL star, right? In the ring tonight are Benzino and, we think, Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez. He, of course, doesn’t call his on-again, off-again BFF and the Puerto Rican Princess out by name, but if the shoe fits...

Here’s what we know so far. On June 27, Benzino tweeted four messages slamming the “#greenscreengangsta.” He begins, “Dont be fooled by the #greenscreengangsta his whore seen my babebae at Club REIGN 2 WEEKS AGO AND WAS QUIET AS A CHURCH MOUSE.. #facts.” That hashtag is the same nickname Benzino used in an Instagram post earlier this week slamming Joseline; Zino also references a Reign Nightclub event that Joseline, Stevie, and other LLHATL stars attended a couple weeks back.

Today, Benzino goes on to write, “And I've been earned my stripes in these STREETS... And I called ASAP but no one picked up AS USUAL” and “Talking about let hoes handle it, we all know who da professional HOE is BITCH MUSIC IS HORRIBLE POint BLANK, everybody Aroun yall HATE HER.” Later he added, “How can someone call you his BRO but let his (WIFE?) keep threatening my FIANCE and clowN me? We haven’t said 1 BAD thing ABOUT THEM, sooo??”

Why the venom? It might have something to do with the shade Joseline threw the way of Benzino’s fiancée, Althea Heart, during this week’s Love & Hop Hop Atlanta. That is, if Joseline and, by extension, her man Stevie J are actually the inspiration behind these heated tweets.

As for what Joseline had to say, she tweeted later the same day: “That hoe think I’m sweating that hoe please ima get there anyway” and “Sooner or later.” Honestly, we expected worse!

What say you? Got a handle on the drama or losing track? Hit the comments!

Sources: Benzino on Twitter, Joseline Hernandez on Instagram

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