Benzino Responds to Stevie J. Leaking Nude Photos of Althea Heart! (PHOTOS)
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Benzino Responds to Stevie J. Leaking Nude Photos of Althea Heart! (PHOTOS)

It’s safe to say that the bromance between Stevie J. and long time friend Benzino is officially over. During the airing of Monday night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Stevie did the unforgivable by leaking nude photos of Benzino’s fiancée, Althea Heart, and now the two men are duking it out, both on and off camera.

During the early hours of July 15, Stevie took to Twitter to release a photo of Althea’s naked body in a bathtub preparing to give some loving to a man standing above her. Althea caught wind of the photo, which she claims is an intimate pic of her and Benzino, and brought it to her man’s attention. That’s when all hell broke loose and Benzino let his former friend have it.

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“Ok so the lil p—y n—a @hitmansteviej posted a private pic with me & my girl....who cares, nothing was shown but her beautiful face,” Benzino tweeted, adding that Stevie was a coward, who isn’t really married (and he has the proof!).

It seems Stevie didn’t like Benzino’s tone, nor his accusations that Joseline is a substance abusing cheater, and responded to Benzino, saying “@IAMBENZINO just chill bro I'm gonna show you a p—y soon#patience” giving the impression more photos were headed to the interwebs.

Benzino took the photos in stride, saying they were already leaked on the net before, with Althea chiming in that the photos were all from Benzino’s phone, which was hacked some time ago.

There’s no real understanding as to why Stevie and Benzino are at odds; just a couple weeks ago the two men were hanging together when accusations were flying around that Stevie’s wife, Joseline Hernandez,cheated on him with up to 30 men — at Stevie’s own admission. But it looks like some lines were crossed and well… the rest is history.

As you may know, the former friends’ respective significant others were involved in an epic fight this past Tuesday, July 15, at the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 reunion taping. There’s clearly no love lost between Joseline and Althea, but will Stevie and Benzino ever be friends again? Benzino doesn’t think so… “At the end of the day, @hitmansteviej lost a great, loyal, caring friend, and I gained piece of mind and an incredible woman... ” Zino tweeted.


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