Benzino Says Stevie J. Is Jealous of His Relationship With Althea Heart
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Benzino Says Stevie J. Is Jealous of His Relationship With Althea Heart

For the last several episodes of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, Stevie J. has been in the doghouse with wife Erica Jean after Joseline learned of Stevie’s past romance with Benzino’s new fianceé, Althea Heart. While Althea has told Benzio about the tryst, Stevie has denied it ever happened. Now, though, it looks like he might be ready to fess up during the show’s latest episode.

While chatting with VladTV, Benzino gave his reasoning as to why his former best friend would lie about being with his new lady: jealousy.

“First of all from the start, Stevie was jealous that me and Althea got together from the get-go,” Benzino said, adding that Stevie “didn’t have the balls to really let me know that.”

Benzino says there wasn’t a discussion between him and Stevie when Zino and Althea began dating because there was an unspoken understanding — “It was like nah, she’s with me now and that’s that” — but he later felt that if Stevie was really OK with it, “there’d be no disrespect.”

And what disrespect does he speak of? Well, you know the photos Stevie posted of Althea topless on his Twitter. Oh when Joseline attacked Althea during the Season 3 reunion taping!

“Stevie’s thing is let the hoes fight,” Benzino said of Stevie’s claim that Benzino attacked Joseline during the brawl, but Benzino had a different outlook on it.

“No motherf—r ‘cause there’s only one ho — yours. Mines ain’t no ho and I ain’t just gon’ let her fight. Whoever jumps on her, I’m jumping on them and that’s f—king that,” he professed. “And I don’t give a f—k who has a problem with that. That’s just how I was raised and that’s how I’m going to raise my sons.”

He added: “You treat a woman good … you protect that woman from anything man, woman, fish, animal, anything. You protect that woman.”

Guess we’ll have to see just how much protecting Benzino did when the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 reunion airs later this month.

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