Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Benzino Shot Multiple Times During Mother’s Funeral
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Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Benzino Shot Multiple Times During Mother’s Funeral

A sad day for Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Benzino got even worse, as he was reportedly shot multiple times this weekend while attending his mother's funeral.

TMZ reports that Benzino was shot as he was driving in his mother's funeral procession on March 29. Sources say that an argument broke out among family members, leading to the shots being fired. The exact nature of the argument has not been disclosed, but Love B. Scott reports that Benzino's 36-year-old nephew, Gai Scott, has been charged with assault with intent to murder.

“There has been growing family tension between Raymond Scott and Gai Scott,” Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz said in a statement. ”At some point when the cars were side by side, Gai Scott fired several shots into the red Dodge SUV being driven by Raymond Scott.”

Benzino, a rapper and the former owner of The Source, was rushed to the hospital, where he remains currently. He was in critical condition but is expected to survive. The rest of his family reportedly carried on with the funeral, even though the limo and hearse were both apparently blood-stained from the shooting. Wow.

Benzino's mother, Mary Anna Scott, passed away on March 21, and he expressed his grief that day on Instagram. "God knows I have been through a lot in my life, BUT EVERY INCH OF GOOD, KINDNESS, AND LOVE IN MY SOUL IS BECAUSE OF THIS WOMAN," Benzino wrote.

This is a very tough story, since it's always disappointing when family members argue or resort to violence, especially on a day that was supposed to be about remembering Mary Ann. Our thoughts are with Benzino and his family during this very tough time.

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