Benzino Wants Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Fans to Vote on His WHAT?!
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Benzino Wants Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Fans to Vote on His WHAT?!

Guys, we’ve officially seen it all. On last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 (“Change of Course”), fans finally got to see the backstory on Benzino’s infamous feud with ex-Karlie Redd that ended with Karlie posting a pic of Benzino’s junk,next to a photo of boyfriend Yung Joc’s package, claiming she’s got a massive upgrade. Well guys, Benzino is trying to shoot Karlie’s “upgrade” theory down and wants fans to vote on it. Yes, he wants you to decide who has the bigger “beefcake.”

We couldn’t be make this up, even if we tried.

It started when famed blogger Funky Dineva did a post on the “d” pics in question, with a NSFW photo featuring Benzino’s actual package, the NSFW photo of his package he claimed Karlie Photoshopped to look smaller, and then a NSFW side-by-side photo of both Yung Joc and Benzino with their man parts roaming free. The blog asked readers to vote in the “Battle of the Bulges” once more, and once Benzino caught word of it, he took to Twitter to urge fans to put in their bids.

“VOTE NOW! IT'S THE AMERICAN WAY!! Battle of the Bulges - Who wins the race?,” Benzino tweeted on June 17, attaching the link to Funky Dineva’s blog.

But guys, it doesn’t end there. Benzino decided to sweeten the deal by telling fans to vote because the results will be featured on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 reunion show!


If you’d like to vote now, check out Funky Dineva’s post, take a gander at the NSFW pics, and cast your vote. As for us, we think we’ve seen enough of this (evidently) nude-friendly cast.

What do you think of the Battle of the Bulges between Benzino and Yung Joc? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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