Benzino’s Nephew Claims Benzino Has Been Threatening His Life
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Benzino’s Nephew Claims Benzino Has Been Threatening His Life

The family drama following the unfortunate shooting of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Benzino, a.k.a. Raymond Scott, has taken another twist. Benzino’s alleged shooter, 36-year-old nephew Gaia Scott, pled not guilty to the charges against him, citing he acted in self defense. While Benzino has refuted his nephew’s claim, Gaia told police that his uncle had been threatening his life, and even flashed a gun at him during the procession.

“I shot at him; I was in fear for my wife and a baby,” Gai Scott said, according to a police report filed in court. “He’s been threatening my life.” The report claimed that Benzino had been threatening to kill Gaia “for years” out of “animosity and jealousy.”

According to the Boston Globe, Gaia admitted to shooting Benzino only after the reality star sent a slew of threatening text messages to him a week before the funeral. Gaia, in fear of his life, then legally bought a gun for security. In Gaia’s account of the incident, Benzino pulled up to Gaia’s Bentley behind the hearse and said “You got a problem with me?” and continued to make threats. Gaia then said Benzino reached down in his car and “flashed” a gun at him. This is when Gaia pulled out a pistol and fired at his uncle. When the gun was spent, he reached for a different gun and continued to shoot.

Benzino had been hit twice; one gunshot pierced his right arm, while the other grazed his back. A family member helped him into a car and drove away.

Benzino told various news outlets that there had been some tension between his sister, Maureen Scott, and his nephew over money and the welfare of his mother, Mary Scott. Though Benzino told TMZ he hadn’t spoken to his relatives in years, new information has surfaced, including an affidavit from a family member seeking a restraining order against Benzino and documenting Benzino harassing his sister, Maureen (Gaia’s mom), on numerous occasions, the latest being the day of the funeral.

There’s definitely a lot more than what meets this eye to this story, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted as new details are released.

Source: Boston Globe

Do you think there’s more to this story than what we’ve heard so far? Tell us your theories in the comments below!

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