Best Castle and Beckett Moments From Castle Season 4
Credit: Karen Neal/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    
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Best Castle and Beckett Moments From Castle Season 4

Castle fans may not agree on everything, but everybody knows this: Kate Beckett and Rick Castle are to die for.

From the first moment the cute n’ quippy crime writer stepped into the 12th precinct, fans were head over heels for Castle and Beckett’s (now lovingly called Caskett) witty banter and staggering will-they-won’t-they chemistry.

Caskett finally satiated fans' appetites for a lovin’ in the Season 4 finale, but the dynamic duo shared far more in Season 4 than just a steamy end-of-season hookup.

Here, we take a trip back in time and revisit all of the best Season 4 Caskett moments. We dare you not to swoon!

10. Season 4, Episode 7, “Cops and Robbers”:

In this ep, Beckett saved Castle and Martha from a suspenseful hostage situation. After finding the writer alive and well after the whole ordeal, Beckett softly placed a loving hand on his shoulder. It even looked like they might kiss, but Martha interjected before things had a chance to heat up. Aww!

9. Season 4, Episode 10, “Cuffed”:

Maybe it was the drugs (that they were fed by their crazy kidnappers), but Castle and Beckett shared some pretty choice moments in this ep.

We loved the first scene: Castle woke up next to Beckett and dreamily told her to “stay in bed” before realizing that said "bed" was actually an dirty, dank mattress in a dark, secluded factory. Talk about ruining the moment!

Best Castle and Beckett Moments From Castle Season 4
Credit: Eric McCandless /ABC    

8. Season 4, Episode 10, “Cuffed”:

In that same ep, Beckett invited Castle to look under her shirt. “Lift up my top,” she says. “I think you might still be under the influence, but OK,” he responds. Ha!
7. Season 4, Episode 13, “Embarrassment of Bitches”:
Castle totally (and sensually) caressed Beckett’s hand when he demonstrated for the detective how their new shared golden retriever liked his head rubbed. Shared custody = the best idea ever!

6. Season 4, Episode 16, “Linchpin”:

While investigating Gage’s case, hot shot CIA agent Sophia Turner told Castle and Beckett to kick rocks, but when Beckett decided to keep investigating, Castle agreed to go along.

“If you’re stubborn enough to keep going, I’m stupid enough to go with you,” he says. Says it all, doesn’t it?

5. Season 4, Episode 17, “Once Upon a Crime":

Here, Castle’s mom Martha Rodgers made fun of her son in front of a room of fans, but luckily, the crime writer had his woman there to protect him from the “Big Bad Wolf” — and Beckett and Castle totally held hands (again!).

Best Castle and Beckett Moments From Castle Season 4
Credit: Karen Neal/ ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

4. Season 4, Episode 20, “The Limey”:

We just can’t seem to get over seeing Scotland Yard detective Colin Hunt in the buff — or the fact that Castle felt the need to shield both his eyes and Beckett’s from the nudity!

3. Season 4, Episode 22, “Undead Again”:

Beckett admitted she was in therapy this episode, and told Castle she felt her emotional walls were coming down. The writer told her he’d like to be there when they did, but without the zombie makeup he was sporting.

“I think the zombie makeup kind of suits you,” Beckett says. Then, with a coy smile, she replies, “Tomorrow?” and he responds softly, "Tomorrow.” Delicious!

2. Season 4, Episode 23, “Always”:

Castle’s Season 4 finale was crammed with awesome Caskett moments, but we’ve narrowed them down to two.

In one last ditch attempt to get her to call the case quits, Castle delivered a crazy romantic monologue to his darling:

“Every morning I bring you a cup of coffee, just so I can see a smile on your face. Because I think you are the most remarkable, maddening, challenging, frustrating, person I've ever met. And I love you Kate, and if that means anything to you, if you care about me at all, just don't do this.”

Only Kate Beckett could say no to a plea like that!

1. Season 4, Episode 23, “Always”:

Finally, rounding out our list of top Caskett moments is — of course! — the finale makeout sesh. Having come to her senses after nearly becoming concrete meat, Beckett came to Castle’s loft ready for anything. And by anything, we mean a seriously steamy makeout session!

Finally, after all those years …

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