The Top 5 Movie Kisses of All Time — Who Made the Cut? (VIDEO)

Sometimes we see films for thrilling action or mind-blowing cinematography… but other times, it's all about the kiss. Some movie smooches are, of course, more thrilling than others, so ClevverTV broke down some of the best movie kisses of all-time in a top 5. With footage, of course.

Who'd they pick?

5. Spider-Man. Possibly more awkward out-of-context, but the scene of Mary Jane kissing Spiderman in the rain as he hangs upside-down was just as magical in the original go-round of Spider-Man as it was when Summer and Seth Cohen did it in The O.C.

4. The Spectacular Now. As Dana points out, Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller perfectly capture that combination of embarrassment and elation that follows a first kiss with a new person.

3. The Hunger Games. Is it Katniss and Peeta, or Katniss and Gale? You'll have to watch the video to find out.

2. Twilight. Edward and Bella's first heavy-breathy kiss fell just short of the No. 1 pick.

1. You're totally going to see this coming. Or are you? Hit "play" up there. We dare you.

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