Tamra Barney Is the Best Mom Ever — Here’s Why! (PHOTO)
Credit: Tamra Barney on Instagram    

Tamra Barney

Tamra Barney Is the Best Mom Ever — Here’s Why! (PHOTO)

We don’t need a psychologist to tell us that Tamra Barney is a great mom. The Real Housewives of Orange County star recently got bangs, and a lot of people were wondering why she made such a dramatic change. There’s no need to wonder anymore! Tamra’s explained her decision, and it’s the sweetest reason possible.

“For those of you that have asked ‘why did you Cut bangs,’” Tamra wrote on her Instagram, “This is why...Sophia had her bangs cut and didn't like them so I told her I would cut my bangs and we could grow them out together. #twinkies #lovemygirl #bangs #allgrownout #itsjusthair.” Aww! The caption accompanied a side-by-side comparison of the mother and daughter duo: Tamra looking fab with her new bangs, and Sophia looking absolutely cute as a button.

Tamra is currently embroiled in a pretty nasty custody battle with her ex, Simon Barney. But child psychologist Renee Hulse swears Tamra is a wonderful mother. “She tries hard to fill their needs and cares about their feelings and wants to support them in any way she can,” Renee said. “Tamra is conscientious to instill responsibility in the kids as well as teaching them the value of work and respect towards others.”

This “bangs” situation really seems to prove that. Tamra seems like an awesome mom — we just hope this custody battle goes well for her.

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