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Best of The Bachelorette: The Week’s Most Popular Links, July 26-31

If you accidentally skipped past some of our killer coverage this week (it's okay, we still love you), here's your chance to hit rewind. Check out our juiciest, wackiest, and most scintillating stories from the week, because hey, what else are weekends for?

Best of The Bachelorette: The Week’s Most Popular Links, July 26-31

10. New Video! Sneak Peek at the 'Bachelor Pad' Get ready for trouble, tears, and Twister!

9. New Sneak Peek Video: Can Ali Choose?
Two beautiful really difficult choice.

8. Tenley Molzahn is Pretty Sure Ali Chooses Someone:
Gee...awfully specific insight, huh Tenley?

7. Spoilers and Speculation: Why Aren't Chris L. and Roberto Shown at the Final Rose Ceremony? Hmm.... sounds like the Bachelorette producer’s trying to “Fleiss” Reality Steve!

6. SPOILER: Is Ali Engaged? We would warn you not to read on... but you want to know, don’t you?

5. Spoilers and Speculation: Why Does Ali's Mom Want a Photo of Chris L.? It could mean she’s collecting Bachelorette memorabilia, but it could also mean something more!

4. BIG Finale Scoop: Was a Surprise Ending Filmed? Has Roberto Moved to Cali to Be Closer to Ali? Not sure if you feel the same, but all this speculation is making our heads spin!

3. Sneak Peek Photos of the Season 6 Finale:
Everyone wants a peek of the gorgeous girl in the golden gown!

2. New Season Finale Preview! Ali Rejected By BOTH Guys?
Oh boy. We can’t even take it anymore!

1. MAJOR SPOILER: Who Does Ali Pick? If you can’t wait for this coming Monday’s episode — get a little fix here!

07.30.2010 / 11:55 PM EDT by Heidi
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