RHoA Brawl Dubbed “Best Real Housewife Fight” — Can You Guess Which One?
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

RHoA Brawl Dubbed “Best Real Housewife Fight” — Can You Guess Which One?

In the spirit of Bravo’s Real Housewives awards, the kind folks over at Vulture have gone back to the archives to assess the strengths of the primary component of each franchise: the catfights. Whether we’re in Beverly Hills, New Jersey or Atlanta, these women sure know how to throw down — and the best brawls are cemented in our memories. And the best part is that Real Housewives of Atlanta tops of the list!

Can you guess which brawl they ranked number one? If you’re guessing the wig snatching incident from Season 2, you’re a bit off (but more on that later). However, our dearly departed Sheree Whitfield is still involved in this winning fight.

Still stumped? The correct answer would be the Sheree versus Antony the Party Planner — aka “Who gonna check me, boo?” (see below). If you remember, during the second season, Sheree met with party planner Antony, to discuss the poet that was supposed to write a piece for her party. When she brings up meeting with the poet, Antony is not happy and they break into argument.

From there we hear Sheree bust out her aforementioned signature catchphrase, but as Housewives expert Brian Moylan points out, the best part might be the end when she says, “Whatever happened to customer service?” We can’t make this stuff up, people!

The list also makes it clear that Sheree is pretty much the VIP of all Atlanta-based brawls. The rest of the RHoA fights included on the list are all courtesy of the She By Sheree designer, including: Sheree vs. Marlo Hampton (those wordless mocking sounds!), Sheree vs. Kim Zolciak (wig snatching! a Michael Lohan cameo!), and Sheree vs. NeNe Leakes (I’m very rich, b—”). Andy, how could you let her go?!

Do you agree with Vulture’s choice for best fight? Tell us in the comments below.

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