TV Nostalgia

Wetpaint’s Favorite TV Dads: Where Are They Now?

Dads: Where would we be without 'em? Nowhere, that's the answer. But they contribute more than one-half our genetic makeup! The best fathers guide us from diapers to adulthood, cleaning up our messes (literal and figurative) and teaching us valuable life lessons along the way.

The fathers of TV past, while fictional, also guided us through some tough times. For those of us that grew up watching The O.C., Sandy Cohen, played by Peter Gallagher, taught us empathy — and that you don't have to be someone's biological father to be someone's fantastic dad. On Friday Night Lights, we took Coach Taylor's wisdom to heart as if we were Panthers team members, thanks to actor Kyle Chandler. Gossip Girl's Rufus Humphrey, played by Matthew Settle, showed us that you can be inside the drama while still above it.

For Mother's Day this year, we sung the praises of some of our favorite TV moms of yesteryear — so it's only fair that dads would get the same treatment for Father's Day. Click on to see what our favorite fathers of the small screen are up to now!