Where’s Beth Greene in The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer — She’s Part of a System?!
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Where’s Beth Greene in The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer — She’s Part of a System?!

OK, what the eff is going on with Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) at the end of The Walking Dead Season 5 trailer?

The regular Comic-Con trailer goes for about two and a half minutes, then it ends ... and then there's a separate segment on Beth. It's like she's on her own little show. She seems to be in a hospital setting, and she's interrogated by some lady wearing a police uniform.

"Every sacrifice we make needs to be for the greater good," the cop lady says. "In here, you're not the greater good, you're part of a system." She then smacks Beth.

There's also a scene of Beth in a uniform, holding someone down as another person seems to maybe suture her arm. Is she in a section of Terminus, or a psych ward or something?

Beth's own arm is in a bandage, so did she have something done to her in this place? One quick shot shows a cop on the ground (male one?) looking dead with someone eating at them, and Beth seems to shoot someone (a walker?) in the head in another clip. We also see her running outside at one point, and looking down what might be an elevator shaft. Trying to escape?

What is this place? She was brought there, presumably, by whoever was driving that car with the cross on the back in Season 4, Episode 13, "Alone." Filming spoilers have shown more cars with crosses, so is it some sick medical facility?

There were filming spoilers not too long ago at old Newnan Hospital in Georgia, and both Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus were seen on the hospital set. So will Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon find Beth here?

New spoilers have also linked Terminus to this hospital place. Are they working together, experimenting on people to try and find a walker cure, as some fans have speculated?

Emily Kinney was on The Walking Dead panel at Comic-Con, when they showed the trailer. She told the crowd (via HitFix), "I can't tell you really anything about where she is next season. But I can tell you that she's gotten a lot stronger. She's lived a little now. She's not just an innocent teenager anymore. She's taking a different kind of strength into Season 5 and she's going to have to use everything she's got."

Do you have any thoughts on the weirdness of the Beth section of the trailer?

The Walking Dead Season 5 will premiere Sunday, October 12 on AMC.