Bethany Young Is Jason’s Twin on Pretty Little Liars — And Here’s Why
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Pretty Little Liars

Bethany Young Is Jason’s Twin on Pretty Little Liars — And Here’s Why

Fans give the Pretty Little Liars twin theory a lot of attention, but the speculation tends to focus on Alison (Sasha Pieterse) having a twin sister. What if, unlike the books, the twin belongs to the other DiLaurentis, Jason (Drew Van Acker)? We think Bethany Young is Jason’s twin. Here’s why!

The twin clues. Pretty Little Liars has been dropping DiLaurentis twin hints since the very beginning. Now, this could add up to the explanation that Alison has a twin, but the show’s creators have said before that “A” will not be the same person as in the books. Still, the DiLaurentis family is hiding something, and the show seems to be suggesting it’s a twin. And it makes perfect sense that the twin in question is Jason’s because of the Hastings connection.

The Hastings/DiLaurentis connection. This season, the show has been dropping clues that the Hastings and DiLaurentis are forever bound together in the “A” game — whether they want to be or not. Melissa even went so far as to describe all of the murders and terribleness that has happened to Rosewood as coming from a place of love. As Jason is part DiLaurentis, part Hasting, we think he and his twin might be the factor that ties these two families together. And we think the twin in particular may be the terrible secret both families have kept hidden for years.

Bethany Young Is Jason’s Twin on Pretty Little Liars — And Here’s Why
Credit: ABC Family    

Mrs. DiLaurentis took her out of Radley for trips. The idea that the DiLaurentises had some kind of personal connection to Bethany Young is reinforced by the fact that Mrs. D. used to take Bethany on trips outside of Radley. It seems strange that she would do this, unless she had some kind of connection to the girl. Heck, she might not even be allowed to take Bethany out of Radley unless she was a parent or guardian.

Melissa was there, too. Again, the Hastings family connection is backed up by the implication that Melissa went on at least one of these family outings. Melissa’s helmet was found at the barn Mrs. D. and Bethany frequented. Did she come along on one of these trips to get to better know her sister?

Mrs. DiLaurentis wanted to protect her. Whoever attacked Alison that night — presumably Bethany, who had escaped from Radley — Mrs. DiLaurentis was willing to go to great lengths to protect her. We can’t imagine who Mrs. D. would protect over her own daughter, aside from another daughter.

Jason’s disappearances. Jason is always skipping town. We used to think that he left to help Alison during her time away, but it seems pretty clear given Ali and Jason’s interaction with each other since Ali’s return that they are not on good terms. What if Jason has been leaving to help his other sister?

Do you think Bethany Young is Jason’s twin sister? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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