Aviva Drescher Says Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin May Return for RHoNY Season 7! (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of New York

Aviva Drescher Says Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin May Return for RHoNY Season 7! (VIDEO)

Every season since beloved frenemies Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin left Real Housewives of New York, we’ve heard rumors that one or both of them would return. Unfortunately, these little tidbits are usually dreamed up in some wishful thinker’s head, and are thus proven to be false. But just one week after the premiere of the sixth season of the Bravo reality show, we’re hearing the buzz again — and this time from a reputable source: RHoNY star Aviva Drescher!

The Manhattan ladies have been making the media rounds over the last few weeks, and though the drama is just starting to roll out on-screen, we can already see where the rifts have happened behind-the-scenes. In particular, Aviva’s fellow Season 5 starters Heather Thomson and Carole Radziwill have some real issues with the “leggy blonde” after she perpetuated a rumor that Carole used a ghostwriter for her novel, The Widow’s Guide to Sex and Dating.

We’re not sure if Aviva is just lashing back at her sparring partners with more rumors, but she sure does sound confident in her prediction that 1) Carole and Heather are being ousted next season, and 2) Bethenny and Jill are taking their places!

“I heard they’re going to replace Heather and Carole,” Aviva revealed on VH1’s The Gossip Table on Tuesday, March 18. She also didn’t miss a chance to pepper in a little shade, adding, “Heather and Carole are trying to be like Ramona and Sonja… NOT! I heard that Jill and Bethenny might come back and boot them off the show.”

Say what?! Who are your sources Aviva? Inquiring minds need to know!

Now, you should take this news with a grain of salt, as it’s doubtful that Bravo would allow one of their talents to find out casting news so early in the season. However, where there’s smoke, there’s often fire. We still can’t imagine Bethenny backtracking to reality TV, but this gives us a little hope! On the other hand, it’ll probably be a cold day in hell before Andy Cohen allows Jill Zarin back into his fold.

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