Beverly Hills Nannies Star Accused of Fraud, Faking Cancer
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Beverly Hills Nannies Star Accused of Fraud, Faking Cancer

What a mess. Ariane Bellamar and real estate mogul Barry Pettitt were featured on the ABC Family series Beverly Hills Nannies, but they might be a better fit for a different kind of reality show.

Ari and Barry are apparently no longer married. In January, Ari went to the Sundance Film Festival with Patrick Henry, CEO of Entropic Communications. While there, she accused him of getting violent and police were called to the scene. Patrick was charged with assault, interrupting a 911 call, and destruction of property. Now it's March and TMZ has legal docs filed by Patrick, accusing Ari of lying; as part of his defense he called in her ex-husband Barry to expose more of her alleged fraud.

Barry claims, in the legal docs, that during their marriage Ari told people she had cancer, but it turned out she never even got tested — he says she just made it up. He also said she's a two-time bigamist, and raided his bank account for six figures when they separated. Also, Barry said that two days after Ari was allegedly assaulted by her Sundance date, he hooked up with Ari in an L.A. hotel and he claims she showed no signs of bruising or injury; however, he said during sex she asked him to do things that may have left bruises on her head. He thinks Ari got him to inflict the bruising just so she could fleece Patrick; he even claims she gloated about a scheme to get millions from the guy.

So that's his side of it, but 1) he wasn't there when the alleged assault took place, and 2) this is the guy who not only married Ari but just said he had ex sex with her two months ago in a hotel; was that after they separated, when he said she fleeced him for six figures? No one seems to have great judgment in this situation.

For her part, Ariane tweeted on March 26, "Trying to recover from this assault has been slow & devastatingly painful :( I am so thankful to all of you & the support you have given me."

At the very least, the whole group is making a good case to join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Sources: TMZ, Twitter

03.30.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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