Beware of Mother’s Day Scammers
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Beware of Mother’s Day Scammers

The nerve of some people! Honestly, is there nothing criminals won’t do? Apparently the latest online scams center around the holidays. Their most recent target? People shopping for Mother’s Day gifts.

While we’re sure the people celebrating you this Mother’s Day have bought all their gifts months in advance, you might want to put the word out, just in case, and use these guidelines when shopping for your own mom.

According to the website Scambook, which catalogs these types of things so we can all be better informed, these are the top three scams to watch for when shopping for mom:

  1. Phony coupons. Who doesn't want to save a buck here and there? But selling fake discount vouchers is an opportunity for creeps to either scam you outright by selling you something worthless, or get you to download viruses or malware so they can extract your personal information from your computer.
  1. Fake online stores. If you stumble across a website with such low prices that they seem too good to be true, they probably are. These people are smart, and they feature exactly the types of products moms would love, like brand-name clothing, jewelry, etc. You place the order, but no products ever ship, leaving you and mom with bupkis.
  1. Bogus e-cards. You send Mom a fake e-card, and she ends up with a virus or malware. Identity theft is so not the way to celebrate the lady who gave birth to you!

A few more major words to the wise: Counterfeit goods are another huge thing to be aware of when shopping for mom, especially for things like handbags and watches. When you search online using terms like "cheap" and "discount" there’s a definitely likelihood of finding a site that's selling the fake stuff. So be brand-safe when shopping and get the real goods for mom!

Source: Scambook

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05.10.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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