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What Does Beyonce Mean by “Cigars on Ice”? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered

Wetpaint Entertainment is here to set the record straight on matters related to your favorite stars — from Kristen Stewart's lupine history to the noble eggplant.

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Why Doesn't Gwyneth Paltrow Eat Eggplant?

What Does Beyonce Mean by “Cigars on Ice”? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered
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It's no secret that Gwyneth Paltrow eats a super-restrictive diet. Although she switches up exactly what that diet is depending on her needs at the time, her cookbook It's All Good, released last year, shows that she's a big fan of the elimination diet. This means a diet free of gluten, dairy, eggs, and other things — including eggplant. But why?

The Elimination Diet, which is usually used short-term to determine food allergies, sometimes prohibits vegetables in the nightshade family — yes, that means related to deadly nightshade — or, to use the Latin, solanaceae. This includes not only eggplant, but tomatoes, potatoes, and bell peppers. Tobacco is also in the nightshade family.

One theory about nightshade vegetables that keeps them out of some diets is that they cause damage from calcium build-up, although no studies have really backed that claim. One thing we do know about all plants in this family, though, is that they all have been found to contain at least trace amounts of nicotine.

Just because Gwyneth's favorite diet of 2013 excludes eggplant doesn't mean she doesn't eat it sometimes — she even included an eggplant recipe in her book, with a caveat that it's not elimination-diet friendly. But there are many reasons, physician-backed and not, that one might choose to not eat eggplant. (We recommend talking to a licensed professional before making any major lifestyle changes, though.)

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Does Kristen Stewart Have a Wolf?

What Does Beyonce Mean by “Cigars on Ice”? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered
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Does Kristen Stewart have a real wolf of her very own — besides (SPOILER!) her Twilight character Bella's weird suitor-turned-son-in-law, werewolf Jacob Black? The answer is complicated. Her mom, Jules Stewart, lives with four wolf-dog hybrids named Jack, Lily, Tommy, and Lola, and loves them dearly!

Wolf hybrids, Jules says, are not for everyone, though. "They live on a large open piece of property filled with trees," she tells

"They're not pets, they're more like companions," Jules continues, "They're loyal, they're big, they're completely socialized, they're licensed, they're legal for me to have them, and I love them!"

What Does Beyoncé Mean by "Cigars on Ice"?

What Does Beyonce Mean by “Cigars on Ice”? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered
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There are many lines in Beyoncé's song "Drunk in Love," from her recently-released album BEYONCE, that leave fans with questions — "Surfboard/Grainin' on that wood," "I've been drinking/Watermelon" — but maybe one of the less-sung head-scratchers is "Cigars on ice." Is that a euphemism? Is that a thing that people do?

Let's examine some more literal interpretations — cases where cigars would actually be frozen or on ice. Sometimes, cigar aficionados will freeze cigars, but it's to either prevent or kill tobacco beetles, which is several steps away from being romantic at all, so it's probably not what Beyoncé is talking about. Another way for a cigar to actually be on ice would be in a pretty classic pairing: liquor on the rocks, drank while smoking a cigar. It conjures a visual that would make sense with Bey's lyrics: a cigar set on top of a rocks glass full of ice.

Of course, there are a ton of more creative ways to look at this. The Canadian hockey team, for example, smoked cigars while on the ice at the Sochi Winter Olympics. One weird thing that some do is make cigar ice cream, sometimes with a bourbon added. Of course, some take a more Freudian approach to what "cigar" means (hint: not just a cigar) — the fine users of Urban Dictionary have some pretty NSFW ideas.