Beyoncé Consulting Financial Advisors About Her Assets — Report (VIDEO)
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Beyoncé Consulting Financial Advisors About Her Assets — Report (VIDEO)

It’s no secret Beyoncé has plenty of financial assets to manage. But does a recent report that she’s seeking counsel about those assets count as one more sign she and Jay Z are splitting up?

According to E! Online, Bey has been “taking meetings to discuss the future of her assets.” That’s a pretty alarming way of putting things, but it doesn’t necessarily mean Bey’s no longer down to ride with Jay ‘til the very end. After all, as a couple Jay and Beyoncé have amassed quite the fortune and definitely should be seeking counsel on how to manage it.

“Combined they are very rapidly approaching the billion-dollar mark” in terms of wealth, according to Forbes editor Zack Greenburg — and, we guess, also according to Bey herself. Just this week, the “Flawless” singer released a remix (featuring Nicki Minaj) in which she sings, “Of course sometimes s—t go down / When it’s a billion dollars on an elevator,” alluding to the infamous Met Ball after-party showdown between Jay Z and Solange.

Perhaps all this talk merely amounts to a simple matter of ensuring the safety of the Carters’ financial future. That said, we don’t exactly love the timing of this report because it seems to lend another shred of credibility to the numerous reports that Mr. and Mrs. Carter plan to split at the end of their “On the Run” tour.

We’re crossing our fingers that Bey’s only setting up Blue’s college fund.

Source: E! Online

08.5.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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