Did Beyonce Post Blue Ivy Pics To Help Kim Kardashian And Kanye West?
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Did Beyonce Post Blue Ivy Pics To Help Kim Kardashian And Kanye West?

Beyonce and Jay-Z have been very judicious when it comes to doling out pictures of their daughter Blue Ivy to the general public. So naturally, when she posted some brand new photos of baby Blue on her tumblr recently, the Bey and Jay-loving world went crazy!

We’re loving the new pics of this little cutie as much as anybody, but given the timing, we’re smelling an ulterior motive here. After all, their pals Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed baby girl North West to the world two weeks ago, and the world has been clamoring for their first baby photos. Did Bey post Blue Ivy pics to take the pressure off her pals?

We sure hope so!

Nothing distracts the media world like a celebrity baby picture, so we love the idea of Beyonce pulling a “Hey, look over here!” move on the website/photogs/etc. who are lying in wait for North West photos.

Sure, it’s a super sweet thing to do, but it’s even sweeter because Beyonce knows all too well how it feels to be harassed for baby photos. The Carters didn’t release any pics of Blue Ivy for the first month of her life, and when they did, they posted them on their own terms.

Of course, the distraction can only last so long, and baby North will be back on everyone’s mind soon. Even so, we’re in love with the thought that Beyonce was just trying to buy her friends a little extra piece and quiet before the horde returns. You really are a Queen, B!

Source: Beyonce’s Tumblr