Beyoncé Responds to Separation Rumors With Adorable Photo of Blue (VIDEO)
Credit: Beyonce on Instagram    

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Beyoncé Responds to Separation Rumors With Adorable Photo of Blue (VIDEO)

While the world continues to wonder, “Are they or aren’t they,” it seems like Beyoncé isn’t paying attention to the rumor mill that has erupted over her marriage to husband of six years, Jay Z.

Instead, she’s too busy performing for the On the Run tour with Jay, dropping a “***Flawless” remix with Nicki Minaj (and addressing that elevator fight), and being a mother to 2-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy.

Just on August 2, Bey posted a sweet photo of herself and her little girl with no caption necessary. The two seem to be enjoying some mother-daughter bonding while frolicking about in a tropical location.

Just a few days ago, Beyonce shared another photo of Blue with Jay on a beach with the simple caption of, “My favorite hue is Jay Z Blue.” You know what Bey? Ours too.

These photos come in the midst of the media’s crackdown over Bey’s alleged broken marriage. Rumors include the singer shopping for her own apartment, Jay planning a vacation to fix their relationship, and even an report that the two are staying inseparate hotels during the duration of their tour.

While we’re not sure who or what to believe, it seems as if everything is just fine judging by Bey’s Instagram, thank you very much. Then again, could it be all a front?

Bottom line, when it comes to their only child Blue, it looks like the couple are doing everything in their power to keep things together.

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