Beyonce has ruffled a few feathers among fellow vegans after wearing fur and suede on December 5 — two days after she and hubby Jay Z challenged themselves to go vegan for 22 days.

The hip-hop power couple embarked on the three-week mission after a friend convinced Jay to embrace a vegan lifestyle. As for the timing, Jay liked the fact that they started it a day before his 44th birthday on December 4, that 2 plus 2 equals 4, and that the timeframe ends on Christmas Day. (But they're hoping Santa will leave a porterhouse for two under the tree!)

And for a hot minute there, it seemed like Bey and Jay were going the distance. They dined at Los Angeles vegan eatery Cafe Gratitude on December 4, his birthday.

But if the "Bow Down" caught any sidelong glances or dirty stares as she and Jay chowed down on vegan mac 'n' cheese, corn tacos, and chipotle butternut squash yesterday at Native Foods in Westwood, California, she has her outfit to blame.

As E! Online reports, the 32-year-old singer wore a Christopher Kane wool-blend parka with a collar made from real fur.

That's no big deal for dietary vegans, but ethical vegans boycott all animal products, even ones you don instead of down.

Well, live and learn, Queen Bey!

Source: E! Online

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