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“When I look in your eyes, I feel alive / When you’re holding me tight, I feel alright.” When you first hear Beyonce sing these lyrics in the song “Blue” off her brand spankin’ new album BEYONCÉ — we’re still reeling off of that surprise drop! — you might mistake it for a love song to hubby Jay Z. But the video makes it clear, this is an entirely different type of love song than we’re used to hearing from Bey — this is a tribute to her adorable daughter, Blue Ivy.

A fair warning before you watch: This video will give you all of the feels. You may want watch in the comfort of your home, lest you frighten your coworkers with your ragged sobs. We’ve got Beyonce at her most vulnerable here, expressing her feelings about being a mother and not wanting her daughter’s childhood to end. Throughout the Brazil-based video, we get shots of Bey and Blue cuddling and spinning on the beach interchanged with Brazilian townspeople going about their daily lives.

This video has a type of low-key beauty than you’d expect. It’s not really glamorous — we even see Beyonce playing soccer with the village children — but those shots of mother and daughter are more gorgeous than any choreographed and stylized vid the singer has done in the past. She does bust out a bedazzled headdress at one point, proving Sasha Fierce can’t be completely shut out. But that doesn’t last too long, then we’re back to Blue and Bey time.

Things come to a close on a particularly emotional note. At the end of the video, we finally see Blue up close, waving and giggling, and we can hear her speak (!), saying “Hold on to me” and “Mommy” over and over. Even if you’re not a Beyonce fan, you’d have to be heartless to not get a little teary here. Hopefully, we’ll see more of this side of Bey in the future.

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