Now that we’ve had the weekend to decompress, we’re really starting to appreciate BEYONCÉ, Beyoncé Knowles’s new album that with which we were abruptly ambushed on December 13. But seriously, how did she pull off keeping her 14-track, 17-video “visual” album out of the prying hands of hackers and leakers everywhere? By not even knowing the date of the drop in advance herself!

"Beyoncé decided several months ago to release her album in this way but she didn't decide on this date until very recently, just a little bit ago," a source told Us Weekly. Though Bey had reportedly been considering releasing the album in January, the last minute decision was made to go much earlier. "Now just felt right, especially on Friday the 13."

Special care was also taken to keep all recordings and video footage under wraps and on a need-to-know basis, particularly due to the leak-prone state of the industry (both Katy Perry and Lady Gaga saw the negative effects of this back in August).

"Everyone agreed not to breathe a word or the plan would be ruined,” the source details. “One person leaking it would have destroyed the whole project.”

Lucky for the Beyoncé — and for us — nothing slipped out to the public, though a little fibbing was said to have been involved. Just think, if we’d known about this album ahead of time, there’s no way we’d appreciate its innovation the same way!

“She wanted to reinvent the way we listened to albums … there was already so much interest in this project that it all built up perfectly." It’s true, not many others could have pulled this move off. After a few listens — okay, maybe more than a few — it sure was worth the wait!

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Source: Us Weekly

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