Credit: Gloria Estefan on Twitter

Who else forgot Beyoncé and Jay Z went vegan earlier this month? The power couple to end all power couples (sorry, Barack and Michelle) announced their 22-day vegan challenge back on December 3, which was all anyone could talk about...until December 13.

That’s when Beyoncé mic dropped on the entire music industry by releasing her top secret visual album. After that, everything sort of becomes a beautiful, beautiful blur of Bey’s music videos.

But guess what? The “Love Drunk” couple reportedly saw the challenge through to its Christmas Day end, even when everyone was too tipsy from listening to Beyoncé on repeat to notice what they were and weren’t eating.

Despite how appetizing Bey’s vegan dishes looked, however, the Carters don’t seem to have any plans to stick with the alternative meal plans. How do we know? Um, well they kinda celebrated the end of the challenge by gorging out on seafood.

Bey and Jay were recently spotted at high-end Miami restaurant Seasalt & Pepper by fellow celeb Gloria Estefan. The singer and restaurateur snapped a pic with the couple as proof: “Ran into the incredible @Beyonce & @Jay-Z post Dolphin game @Seasalt on the Miami River, sweet, Em was catatonic!,” she wrote.

Although there’s no sign of food in the photo, Us Weekly reports the couple dined on lobster risotto, seafood casserole, and pappardelle — decidedly non-vegan options. The restaurant later tweeted, “Vegan or not, we loved having you both here.”

And vegan or not, we still love you, Bey and Jay!

Sources: Gloria Estefan on Twitter, Beyoncé on Instagram, Us Weekly, Seasalt & Pepper on Twitter

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