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To paraphrase a line from the iconic Destiny's Child song "Say My Name," is Beyonce actin' kind of shady? Beyonce posted a photo this week on Instagram, and it appears that she cut former bandmate Kelly Rowland out of it. Ouch.

In honor of late singer Aaliyah's 35th birthday this week, Bey posted a photo (at left) on January 16 of herself posing with Aaliyah at the MTV Movie Awards in 2001. "God bless baby girl," Beyonce captions the photo.

While this is a very touching gesture, it should be noted that X Factor judge Kelly Rowland posted the exact same photo (at right) on her own Instagram that day. However, in Kelly's color version of the photo, she appears on the other side of Aaliyah, which means that Beyonce cut Kelly out of the version that she herself posted.

Credit: Instagram

So what do we make of this? Well, we can certainly understand if Beyonce wanted the photo to just be about Aaliyah and herself, since the photo was about paying tribute to Aaliyah's legacy. Still, it seems a little harsh for Beyonce to get rid of Kelly.

Indeed, rumors have circulated lately about a possible beef between Kelly and Bey, as a more-than-ten-year-old video shows Beyonce rolling her eyes at Kelly. And in the song "Dirty Laundry" from her album last year, Kelly sings about the post-Destiny's Child years and how she and Beyonce "went our separate ways" and that Kelly was "in rage" as Beyonce was so successful. 

Do you think Beyonce dissed Kelly with this photo? And is there beef between the two?

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