Credit: Instagram

Have you forgotten just how cute Beyonce was as a tyke? Then look no further than this adorable throwback photo that the Queen Bey herself just posted. 

On May 31, Bey posted an amazing pic to Instagram of herself getting braids in her hair. "1989," she captioned the photo. That means the pop singer  who was born on September 4, 1981  was either seven or eight years old here, depending on which month the shot was taken. 

It's very sweet that Beyonce chose to share this nostalgic pic with her fans. We love Beyonce's smile as she underwent her hair transformation, as we can tell that Beyonce was very happy to be changing up her look here. We're now wondering if perhaps this was the first time that Beyonce got braids in her hair.

Beyonce has a knack for posting great photos, although these days, her pics tend to feature her progeny, Blue Ivy. Recently, the proud mama has posted pics of little Blue trying on Beyonce's gorgeous footwear or playing in the yard with Bey.

What do you think of Beyonce's throwback photo? Do you like Beyonce with braids, or do you prefer her current hairstyle?

Source: Beyonce on Instagram