Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images Photo: Mya

If Jay Z and Beyoncé have 99 problems, Maya ain't one.

The Rumor Mill has been churning since Beyoncé changed the lyrics to her song "Resentment," which is about a woman who has been cheated on. During a June 28 performance, she changed it from "been ridin’ with you for six years" to "12 years," which is how long she and Jay have been together. Fans speculated that the change may have been a reference to her hubby straying.

On that note, the New York Daily News referenced a blind item that recently came out, suggesting Jay has been secretly dating and financially backing Mya for years.

A fan asked Mya about it on Instagram, writing, "Heard you and Jay z had an 11 year affair. At least that what access Hollywood is reporting. @kissmya are you his side chick or nah?"

Mya replied, "Never did, never was never will. Illegitimate, thirsty sources with no facts and that's the 'media' for you - especially today. I play second to no one, pay my own bills, have my own label, own management company, rely on God only and respect myself & marriage way too much for nonsense. False rumors are crafted for ratings & numbers. And miserable, unhappy people need someone to judge to deter attention away from their own misery and feel better about their miserable lives. If they did it to Jesus, they'll do it to anyone. God Bless."

Jesus never had an affair rumor with Jay Z, but at least Mya took the time to address this one. 

What do you think of this fresh batch of Bey/Jay rumors? Does someone need to call Solange in to sort everything out?

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