Credit: Beyonce

She’s at it again! The always fabulous Beyonce has shared more family photos on her website, and this time, they’re all starring Blue Ivy. When did she get so big?!

The already famous 2-year-old is on the road with Mom and Dad this summer as they’re patrolling America on their sold out “On The Run” tour — perks of having music royalty for parents, right? But it doesn’t mean she’s not having fun along the way. Beyonce shared several photos of Blue doing her thing, and by doing her thing, we mean she’s coloring.

Also in the pictures? Beyonce holding Blue close as they jump on a trampoline, Bey and her husband-gone-tour-mate Jay Z walking through a beautiful garden, and a snap of Blue’s back, with her hair in a stylish top knot, as she sits on the edge of a pool.

Credit: Beyonce

Normally, you’d assume pictures as gorgeous of these came straight out of a magazine. Nope — just Beyonce’s personal family photos. Ugh. Could they be any more perfect?

We have to wonder if Beyonce (who’s normally pretty private) is sharing so many photos to distract us from her reported marital woes that stem from the elevator fight that happened in May? Maybe she’s trying to convince us that, two months later, her family is still as happy ever.

Whatever the reason, our fingers crossed Beyonce keeps sharing photos of her adorable daughter for the rest of the summer. We love watching Blue grow up!