Credit: Beyoncé.com Photo: Beyoncé, Jay Z, Tina Knowles, and Solange in May 2014

Whatever else is going on in Beyoncé’s life, her PR timing is flawless.

Rumors keep swirling about power couple Beyonce and Jay Z, who are currently on tour together (even if reports suggest they are staying in separate hotels). Eyebrows have been raised since that infamous Met Gala elevator fight, which was followed by a statement from Jay and Bey’s sister Solange. 

Well, now Beyonce is making her own statement, in her own way.

Late last night, she and Nicki Minaj released a remix of "Flawless," and Bey laughingly addresses the infamous elevator fight, rapping (twice), "Of course sometimes sh-t goes down when there's a billion dollars on an elevator." But Bey also says, "Mommy taught me good home training, my daddy taught me how to love my haters, my sister told me I should speak my mind, my man made me feel so goddamn fine." So is Jay still making her feel fine?

The latest reports from Page Six say there was an “emergency meeting” on the couple’s marriage just a couple of days ago, with lawyers with them on tour to “hash things out.”

Solange may be more direct about speaking her mind (or at least showing how she feels) but this more subtle track, released at this time, is probably worth reading into on some level. Or you could just listen to it and enjoy it as any other Beyonce song.


Credit: NDN Photo: What We Learned From the New Flawless Remix (VIDEO)