Kim Zolciak and Family Give Tips on Taking the Perfect Selfie (VIDEO)
Credit: Kim Zolciak on Instagram    

Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak and Family Give Tips on Taking the Perfect Selfie (VIDEO)

If there’s one thing Kim Zolciak knows, it’s wigs.

If there’s another, it’s how to strike a glamorous pose, find her light, and show off that perfect pout in a selfie.

The mom of six and her eldest daughters, Brielle and Ariana, made a video for, informing fans of their indispensable advice for how to put their best face forward in a photo.

Brielle leads in by letting fans know that the angle of the shot is everything.

“If you’re going to take an Instagram photo, first you have to angle it,” explains Brielle. “Kind of lead [with] your head.”

While Kim is the undisputed selfie queen of her family, it seems her recommendations are a bit less orthodox than those of her daughters.

“Clamp down with your mouth and bite the back teeth,” she suggests, to the delight of her family.

“You look like you’re fainting … She looks like she got her jaw broken [and] it’s wired shut,” says hubby Kroy.

Of course, no lesson in selfie-taking would be complete without mentions of duckface and peace signs, which Brielle serves up in ample quantities.

We certainly can’t advocate these extreme measures (particularly the duckface), based on the Instagram evidence, it’s clear that the Biermanns’ tips do keep them looking picture perfect.

Do you think Kim has the right idea when it comes to taking the perfect selfie, or do her instructions miss the mark?