Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Announced as First VMA Performer (VIDEO)

The sky’s the limit for our girl Ariana Grande! This Disney star with the mega-powered voice is taking the music industry by storm. First her single with fellow hotshot Iggy Azalea, “Problem,” took the world by storm, and now she’s got another line to add to her superstar résumé (because those are real). Ariana’s officially the first performer booked for the 2014 VMAs!

Girlfriend shared the news in the most media-savvy way possible: by announcing it on her very own MTV special! As we reported last week, the recently 21-year-old got herself a special gig that brought back the network’s iconic program TRL for one night only. Dubbed Total Ariana Live, the show was teased as revealing a big Ariana-themed surprise and now we know what it is!

Watch the video above to see Ariana and the host with the most Sway Calloway share the big news (with a flashing neon billboard nonetheless). Unfortunately, something gets lost in translation during the announcement and Ariana and her fans don’t immediately see the board blaring the news. But once they do, you can bet the applause starts rolling.

Congrats, girl! We can’t wait to see you perform when the VMAs air on August 24, 2014. Just please don’t invite Robin Thicke to join you on stage.