Big Brother 15: Andy, GinaMarie Apologize to Elissa; Candice Defends Aaryn
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Big Brother 15: Andy, GinaMarie Apologize to Elissa; Candice Defends Aaryn

Big Brother 15 may be over but the apology tour is still going for winner Andy Herren, runner-up GinaMarie Zimmerman, third placer Spencer Clawson, and just about everyone else in the house.

Andy won the $500,000, and many past Big Brother winners congratulated him as the best gamer and most deserving of the final three. But he still had to answer for some of his own comments in the house, especially against Elissa Slater. He got pretty brutal there toward the end, as heard on the live feeds, and he openly begged America not to vote for Elissa as America’s Favorite Houseguest. But Elissa ultimately was voted favorite and got the $25,000.

Once Andy was able to take back his Twitter account, the first thing he wrote was “I'm going to say it right now: I already feel terrible about my Elissa comments. To anyone I offended, especially Elissa, I am sorry.” He also wrote to her sister, Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly: “@RachelEReilly The pressures of the house got the best of me. My words were hurtful, and that's not me. Disappointed in myself FO SHO.” And after that, “Really, people. The minute I saw Elissa's smiling face last night my heart sank and I felt awful about everything I said.” She also voted for him to win! But now that he’s apologized, we can all move on.

Big Brother 15: Andy, GinaMarie Apologize to Elissa; Candice Defends Aaryn
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Over to GinaMarie Zimmerman, who called welfare “n-gger insurance,” told Candice Stewart her “black” was coming out, said at least her own mother love her unlike adopted Candice’s, and insulted Elissa’s 8-year-old son as looking like a “f--king Spanish Puerto Rican little dirt f--ing…” to argue that he didn’t look anything like her “white guy” husband. (He isn’t the kid’s father, but still…)

GinaMarie was fired from her pageant job early on in the season in the wake of her racist comments. She apologized in interviews after the finale, and once she got back on Twitter, she wrote, "Once again I am sorry if I have offended anyone this summer for any reason. I am not a malicious person. I hope every1 can forgive & forget." She also wrote to Elissa: “@ElissaReillyS Hey! In all honesty you deserved america's fav! I am genuinely sorry for any comments I have made that were hurtful. XO” One fan asked, "GM, do you regret the things you said to Candice and comments about her family?" GM replied, “I regret things went down as they did in the house."

However, some fans took their hate to a new level. One wrote to GM, “I better not see your cellulite packed fat thighs in S.I. cuz those ratty ass extensions will get DRAGGED hunny.” GM kept it classy, responding, “I'd like to see you say that in the bb house and see the backlash. With that said, I'm sorry you feel that way.”

Big Brother 15: Andy, GinaMarie Apologize to Elissa; Candice Defends Aaryn
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Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie talked on Entertainment Weekly's podcast after the finale, and Andy defended some of Spencer's comments (like "Kermit the Fag"), saying he knows Spencer doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. GM said being dumped by her pageant job was "a really big stab in the heart,” but she understands why they felt they had to do it.

@BigBrotherLeak also did a roundup from the live backyard interviews after the finale. Spencer apologized for his comments (including use of the c-word, and some disgusting jokes), saying, "It was poor judgement. I don't have hate in my heart." Amanda Zuckerman also apologized if she said anything racist, as she didn't mean to offend anyone. Aaryn Gries has taken the most heat, deserved or not, and Candice said, "I truly believe that Aaryn has changed. She is not a racist, she was just ignorant. I saw her grow as a person." Aaryn was seen with two publicists after the show, and reportedly plans to write a book. You can watch her reaction as she's told she lost her modeling contract. Yikes.

Now that everyone has apologized for everything they have ever said since birth, are you ready to move on from all the negativity this season?

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