Big Brother 15: Bully Amanda “Torturing” Elissa on Behalf of America
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Big Brother 15: Bully Amanda “Torturing” Elissa on Behalf of America

Remember when Amanda was one of the “good guys” on Big Brother 15? Sigh.

Way back when Jeremy was making his wine rant (egged on by Aaryn), Amanda was the one who stood up to him. She also called out Aaryn for her racist comments. But when the head of the bully hydra was cut off, two more grew back in its place — McCranda.

Here we are on Week 9, with Elissa as Head of Household and Judd returning from jury. That was our dream scenario, and Amanda’s nightmare. But Amanda finally won something — Power of Veto, right when she needed it to save her showmance “husband” McCrae. Elissa chose to put up Aaryn and McCrae instead of Amanda and McCrae, and Amanda’s win managed to save McCranda into Week 10.

After her POV win, Amanda was emboldened beyond her usual awfulness, so she went on an unholy reign of terror through the BB house, openly torturing Elissa. As Amanda told McCrae on the live feeds, “I want her to feel that this HoH was a fail and then I'm going to torture her.”

McCrae also fought with Elissa, since Elissa felt that Amanda took something of hers and went through her stuff. McCrae yelled that GinaMarie did it and they called each other “gross.” As it happens, Amanda did take some of Elissa’s stuff and put it in the downstairs toilet. She also defaced Elissa’s memory wall with condoms.

Amanda followed Rachel Reilly’s sister through the house, blowing a whistle in her ear, yelling at her, making sure she couldn’t talk to anyone else, and insulting her family. Amanda’s favorite target was Elissa’s husband, whom she called a “78-year-old” sugar daddy with a receding hairline. Aaryn piped in that his teeth were disgusting. Amanda said Elissa has been married two years to this guy and has an 8-year-old kid, so something doesn’t add up.

More Elissa-related wisdom from Amanda:

• "She has stepkids she never talks about. That's a great stepmom right there"

• "Poor kids. No shot. Should have been a blowjob."

• “Everyone wants to be her? Give me a break. She's 28 and looks like she is 40 with all of her plastic surgery.”

• "Elissa is a nasty bitch that has nothing better to do than ruin her name. She is going to look like such an idiot when she gets out."

• "She is a f-cking c-nt! I want to smack the smile off of her face!"

• “Why don’t you look like your pics? How many doctors did it take to make your face look like that? Your face is a joke.”

• “I'm pissed off that I look like the bully when this bitch ass, Joker faced, motherf-cker walks around like she's Queen Sheba.”

Big Brother 15: Bully Amanda “Torturing” Elissa on Behalf of America
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At one point, to escape Amanda, Elissa went into her HOH room and Amanda complained that she wanted Elissa to come out so she could “torture her” more. “This will never stop, Elissa! This is what you have done to yourself! ...That's what you get for being a bitch to every person in this house, including production. … Now I am torturing you on behalf of all of the houseguests and America.”

Amanda asked her toadies if they agreed with her treatment of Elissa. “She deserves all of this, right?" They said nothing. Amanda: "Anyone?" Spencer: "It's all fair play.” Later Amanda openly admitted to them, “I'm completely bullying Elissa right now but she deserves it. All you guys are pussies for not saying anything.”

Apparently there’s an even more personal level to this. According to the feeds, Amanda was upset because Elissa mentioned to GinaMarie that Amanda found out that she was pregnant during the casting process. So this has made Amanda particularly anti-Elissa. What a soap opera!

For her part, Elissa has been taking the bullying pretty well. “Amanda is talking about my husband. Oh OK, Amanda. At least I can get a husband! You're 28 and nobody would ever marry you.” (Except McCrae.) What Amanda was saying about Elissa’s family didn’t offend her, it just made her think that Amanda is a joke. Elissa: “I can’t believe that I am in a house with somebody that is literally psychotic.” Seriously.

Weirdly enough, Amanda’s torture didn’t inspire Elissa to do what Amanda wanted. So instead of putting up GinaMarie in McCrae’s place, Elissa put up Andy. “I can’t believe she nominated Andy,” Amanda said. “What balls. She has got some balls. If she doesn’t leave next week, I'm going to kill myself.” So we have that promise on the record.

We also have this petition to get Amanda booted from the house, as launched by angry fans.

Catch up on other weekly BB events here, including the forming of a new alliance that promises to take out Amanda and McCrae … next week. Funny how now is never the time to take them out.

Is Amanda the worst person in BB history? If not, who was worse? Can you find a defense for Amanda’s behavior?

Sources: @BB_Updates, @BigBrotherLeak

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