Big Brother 15: Houseguests Fired From Day Jobs Over Racist Comments (UPDATE)
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Big Brother 15: Houseguests Fired From Day Jobs Over Racist Comments (UPDATE)

The real drama of Big Brother 15 is going on behind the scenes. So far, the houseguests's racist and homophobic comments about each other have been edited off primetime TV, but they’ve caught the attention of avid viewers of the live feeds, leading some fans to want players evicted.

Aaryn has been targeted for her comments — like saying Helen should shut up and "go make some rice" and saying Andy will probably win MVP all the time because "people love the queers" — but she's far from the only one. For example, GinaMarie called welfare "n--ger insurance" and said Candice's "blackness" was showing. JokersUpdates compiled a long list of the racist/homophobic/sexist comments made so far. And the game just started!

GinaMarie Zimmerman Fired From Day Job After "N----- Insurance" Comment

GinaMarie, a now-former pageant coordinator, has been fired by East Coast USA Pageant, Inc., reports TMZ.

While they say they have never known this side of her before, they're grateful that the always-rolling cameras showed them their employee's true colors.

"We are actually thankful that this show let us see GinaMarie for who she truly is," reps from the pageant told TMZ. "We would never want her to be a role model to our future contestants."

They added, "In a business where we are surrounded by beauty every day we are saddened to see something so ugly come from someone we put on a very high pedestal."

Apparently they had told their pageant girls to watch GinaMarie on the show and vote for her, a decision that they're obviously regretting now.

Aaryn Gries Dropped By Modeling Agency After Racist Comments

According to TMZ, Aaryn was just dropped by her modeling agency, Zephyr Talent. "Aaryn, season 15 cast member of Big Brother, revealed prejudices and other beliefs that we do not condone," the agency said (via TMZ). "We certainly find the statements made by Aaryn on the live Internet feed to be offensive. Upon much consideration, we have decided to release Aaryn from her contract with Zephyr Talent."

CBS Responds to "Offensive" Racist, Homophobic Comments

A lot of fans are not amused, and TMZ reached out to CBS for comment.

The network released a statement, saying, "We certainly find the statements made by several of the Houseguests on the live Internet feed to be offensive. ... At times, the Houseguests reveal prejudices and other beliefs that we do not condone."

But they don't seem to be willing to either 1) air those comments on TV to expose the truth about the houseguests or 2) expel certain houseguests for being worse than Paula Deen. You can't have it both ways, because right now casual fans watching the show might not be aware of all the things BB is hiding about the cast. If CBS really finds their words "offensive" they shouldn't go out of their way to protect the offenders — and themselves for casting them.

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