Big Brother Season 15: Who Went Home This Week?
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Big Brother Season 15: Who Went Home This Week?

Season 15 of CBS’s hit reality show Big Brother is heating up to be one of the must-watch shows of the summer. This year they opted for all-new houseguests — even though Rachel Reilly’s sister Elissa is in the house. We’ve seen our fair share of controversial remarks, epic showmances, and superb strategizing already. Each Thursday one houseguest heads home — except for the dreaded double eviction weeks — and we’ve got your recaps of who went home each week right here!

Week 12 (Finale)

When this episode started, we were left with the Final 3: GinaMarie, Andy, and Spencer. The show didn’t waste any time getting into the final HOH competition, picking up right where the last episode left off, with the crazy roller skating competition. GinaMarie took the first part and in a timed second segment, Andy took the win, leaving Spencer’s fate totally up to his fellow houseguests. In the final part, Andy reigned supreme. And in a shocking turn of events, he took GinaMarie to the Final 2 with him, sending Spencer packing.

The jury asked some intense questions and then GinaMarie and Andy made their final pleas and the jury went to vote. When it came down to it, Andy took home the title and the $500K. But GinaMarie isn’t leaving with nothing, she wins $50K for second place. Andy won the majority of votes from the jury but GinaMarie gave him a run for his money.

Week 11: Part 2

After a whirlwind night, it’s time for the second part of an action-packed week of Big Brother. Last night we saw Judd get kicked out of the house, for a second time, by Andy and McCrae. After exiting the house, America was in for the final HOH competition of the summer. It was a close one, with GinaMarie, Andy, and McCrae tied as the competition came to a close, forcing an epic tiebreaker. Unfortunately, Andy took home the win. While we’re not a fan of his game play, at least we know that his target is McCrae.

When tonight kicked off, they wasted no time. Andy made his nominations, putting up Spencer and McCrae. While GinaMarie is tempted to feel safe, it’s all depending on the Veto competition! It was a really close competition, but somehow Andy pulled it out, making this week his crowning achievement. Spencer and McCrae made the point that GinaMarie would be difficult to beat in the end, putting doubt in Andy’s mind. Andy chose not to use the POV on either Spencer or McCrae, which leaves the vote solely in GinaMarie’s hands. Our girl GinaMarie decided to stick with The Exterminators and voted out McCrae, leaving herself, Spencer, and Andy to fight it out in the finale.

Week 11: Part 1

The power was in Spencer’s hands this week, as he had won HOH after the epic double eviction that sent both Amanda and Elissa packing last week. This gave him security that he would be in the Final 4, but it also meant that he would have to put up someone from his Exterminator alliance. Spencer’s first round of nominees was McCrae and GinaMarie, with McCrae being the obvious target. But, of course, it was up to the Power of Veto competition to decide who the real nominees would be. In a competition hosted by Season 14 winner Ian, McCrae pulled out a win in true make-it-or-break-it fashion.

The Veto ceremony, at which McCrae saved himself, went down with almost no drama. After Spencer placed Judd on the block as the replacement nominee, ensuring that one of The Exterminators would be sent packing, Judd gave one of the most memorable speeches in Big Brother history, calling out McCrae. It was really up in the air as to who would be evicted, but when it came down to it, both Andy and McCrae voted to send Judd packing, ensuring GinaMarie’s spot in the Final 4! Judd joins the jury as the seventh member.

Week 10

In a special double eviction (also the show's 500th episode), we had Amanda and Spencer on the block when the show commenced. Things looked bleak for McRanda this week, with GinaMarie putting them both on the block, ensuring that at least one of them would still be on the block come eviction night. Amanda's power-hungry strategy and controversial bullying tactics finally caught up with her — but a last-second deal almost kept her around. Elissa and Amanda made an alliance (since Elissa knew that when Amanda went home she would be the biggest target), and this brought us the season's first tie. McCrae and Elissa voted to keep Amanda while Spencer and Judd voted to kick her out. Since GinaMarie was in charge as HOH, she got the final say and told Amanda to "get to steppin'."

In the rest of the fast-forward episode, McCrae took control as HOH for the night. Blinded by either poor gameplay or emotions, he nominated both GinaMarie and Elissa, not knowing that Elissa had just voted to keep his lover. Next up was the POV competition, which Judd squeaked out in the last second. It was an easy decision for him not to use the POV, though it could have really helped his game if he had used it, and he left the nominations as they were. It was also an easy decision for the three voters (Judd, Spencer, and Andy) to send home Elissa, the Big Brother legacy, in a unanimous vote. This episode was a huge one, and with 5 floaters in the end, it's pretty much up in the air with the finale quickly approaching.

Week 9

Wow, what a crazy week! Elissa was the HOH and made a quick decision to go after Amanda. She had already nominated McCrae and Aaryn, but soon came to the realization that she could get the ultimate player out of the house. And once you make a move to go against Amanda, there's no going back. When it came to the Power of Veto competition, one thing was certain: if Elissa wants Amanda out, she cannot win. Well, she won. So knowing that she and McCrae were going to be safe another week made Amanda decide to go absolutely crazy all over Elissa, and she tortured her the rest of the week. As a replacement nominee for McCrae, Elissa nominated Andy.

At the live eviction, which was another unanimous vote (ugh), Aaryn seemed pretty sure she was going home. After hugging everyone goodbye, she went out to face the crowd and Julie Chen herself. After the most awkward interview ever, in which Aaryn both blamed her bad deeds on her Southern heritage and also claimed to not remember saying such things, Julie made a big announcement. Next week is going to be yet another live double eviction. Those nights are notorious for big moves, so it will be interesting to see what happens. The last time we had one of those, Judd was blindsided, so who knows what will happen next time.

Week 8

This was an intense week of gameplay for the houseguests. Aaryn was HOH and she went after one of the biggest power duos in the house: Elissa and Helen. Lucky enough for Elissa, she ended up winning the Power of Veto and took herself off the block, leaving her best friend behind. In a desperate attempt to save herself, Helen attempted to convince Aaryn to put up Amanda against her to break up her showmance with McCrae. But with Aaryn being a part of the 3AM alliance (Aaryn, Amanda, Andy, and McCrae), she opted to do what Amanda wanted and put up Spencer (for like the millionth time).

After attempting to convince the house to keep her, Helen was ultimately eliminated, with only Elissa voting to keep her around. Julie Chen revealed to Helen that she had a chance to get back into the house, by competing against the other jury members (Judd, Candice, and Jessie) later in the show. That challenge, which involved the houseguests catching balls while standing on a mobile platform, was later dominated by Elissa, who won HOH, and Judd was the first of the jury members to secure his spot back in the house. With Elissa friendless this week and the 3 A.M. alliance still dominating everyone, it will be interesting to see who she goes after as HOH.

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Catch Big Brother at 9 p.m. ET Thursdays nights for the live eviction, 8 p.m. ET Sunday nights for the nominations, and 8 p.m. ET Wednesday nights for the Veto Competition.

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