Big Brother 15 Finale — Are You Glad or Mad That Andy Herren Won?
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Big Brother 15 Finale — Are You Glad or Mad That Andy Herren Won?

There were only three options going into the Big Brother 15 finale: Either GinaMarie Zimmerman, Andy Herren, or Spencer Clawson would win the $500,000 prize and title of Big Brother 15 winner.

Andy ended up winning, despite his "rat" status, with GM as the $50,000 richer runner-up, and Spencer taking third. (Spencer didn't even seem that upset.)

How do you feel about the outcome? There were pros and cons (so many cons) for all three houseguests.

To us, Andy earned it. Of the three, he was the most strategic — staying in powerful alliances at all points of the season, and winning the most key HOH challenges of the game. He managed to do it all without offending people personally, but he’s very unpopular outside the house, and he also ticked off some people in the jury with his backstabbing lies. And he was weirdly obsessed with Elissa Slater (in a bad way) toward the end, as seen on the live feeds.

GinaMarie played a more honest game, but she could be honestly awful with her racist and just plain cruel comments, especially to Candice Stewart. Plus she only came alive in the game after her early season alliance got blasted, and her #1 buddy Aaryn Gries was dumped. But GM did stand up to Amanda Zuckerman, finally daring to put up both Amanda and McCrae Olson, leading to Amanda’s eviction. How great was her “get steppin’” line? That was arguably the biggest eviction of the game.

Spencer, on the other hand, didn't have much of any blood on his hands. He rarely fought with anyone or lied to anyone or did much of anything besides sit in his pawn chair. He made Big Brother history by going on the block eight times. That’s impressive. But it’s also kind of sad. It’s not like he showed great gameplay by being safe, he was just used as the official pawn of the season. Still, bitter juries have rewarded houseguests for less.

Still, when Andy won the final HOH he surprised us by taking GinaMarie to the end. You could argue she was a much harder target to beat, but he gave the best answers in the end and defended himself very well. He won 7-2, with only Aaryn and Judd supporting GinaMarie. (Maybe Andy owes Elissa an apology now?)

How do you feel about the outcome? Are you glad? Mad? Sad? Disappointed? Disgusted? Relieved? Satisfied? Just happy it's over?

09.18.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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