Big Brother 15 Live Finale Recap: And the Winner Is…
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Big Brother 15 Live Finale Recap: And the Winner Is…

The Ginger Professor did it!

Big Brother 15 is now dunzo. We finally heard GinaMarie Zimmerman’s last Nick reference, Andy Herren’s last lie/cry, and Spencer Clawson’s last … whatever he did when he wasn't on the block.

GM won the first of the three final Head of Household competitions. Andy won the second one. Tonight — Wednesday, September 18 from 9:30 to 11 p.m. — we saw the third and final HOH round. That comp was held live, and the winner (Andy) got to choose who to sit next to in the finals, leaving someone (Spencer) in a very unlucky (and unhappy) third place. Later, we learned who won the $500,000 grand prize (Andy), who won $50,000 as the runner-up (GinaMarie), and who got $25,000 as America’s Favorite Houseguest (Elissa).

Here's an update of the live finale action:

GM cried before the final comp, deciding whether she should take Andy or Spencer to the end, if it came to that. She even admitted, jury wise, it would be easier to beat Spencer. So why would she take Andy? Because he deserves it more than Spencer?! Are you kidding? TRY TO WIN! Take Spencer. Spencer is the official pawn. Make him your finale pawn.


Before the final comp, Big Brother 2 winner Will Kirby sat down with the jury members, including the newest member up to that point, McCrae Olson. It was like a therapy session. Amanda Zuckerman said she wasn't even mad at Andy for betraying her, and she wasn't mad at Elissa "for being passive-aggressive." (Sigh. Amanda still hasn't met herself.) Amanda also fought a bit with Candice Stewart. Candice actually bonded with Aaryn Gries in the jury house. Aaryn learns. Amanda doesn't.

Will asked if GM made the biggest move of the game by getting Amanda out. They said yes, and Elissa said she did it flawlessly. Amanda said it's what she didn't do, though; GM didn't play the game up until The Exterminators alliance. She's right. Aaryn loved that Amanda couldn't manipulate GinaMarie, she'd vote for GM for that alone. Candice said she has to vote based on character and "GinaMarie really hurt me." That's fair. It's hard to vote for someone who was openly racist to you. Elissa felt like Andy framing her for Amanda's vote was a big move in the game. Candice said Andy is even cute when he's backstabbing you. He never got personal. McCrae said Andy knew how to speak to people, whereas GM was so blunt. Andy played a more tactful game and that could give him the win. Which is also why McCrae would've beat Amanda if they had been in the final two! McCrae and Will both defended Spencer for being on the block so many times. Helen listed how he survived Moving Company and losing Howard. They are reaching for reasons.


Question 1: Candice said the most shocking moment of the season for her was when Aaryn flipped her mattress. Andy and GM both got it right.

Question 2: The moment that irritated Jessie the most was when Helen didn't follow through with the plan to vote for Amanda. Both Andy and GM got it wrong. (We guessed right, though.)

Question 3: Helen said the most uncomfortable moment in the house was watching Judd plead for his life. Andy got it right. GM got it wrong.

Question 4: Aaryn said if she had to spend a romantic evening in the house with someone she'd pick ... Judd, because he has manners. Both got it right.

Question 5: Amanda said the moment in the house she's afraid to have friends and family see is ... every single one. Andy got it right again.

Question 6: Elissa said the houseguest whose behavior was most shocking was Aaryn. GM got that right. Andy got it wrong.

Question 7: Judd said his biggest regret in the game was not working closer with Helen. No one got it right.

Question 8: McCrae said the best thing about being in the house was free food. Both got it right.

Andy won. He gets to pick his opponent, but he should win the whole thing at this point. Andy Herren, the Ginger Professor, probably just won BB15.

Big Brother 15 Live Finale Recap: And the Winner Is…
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Andy evicted ... Spencer? He gave his word to GM on night one so he's sticking with her. But didn't Andy give his word to everyone on night one? We were so sure Spencer was looking at a cool $50K. Not quite.


Spencer joined the jury and they asked their questions.

Amanda asked GinaMarie what her biggest move was before The Exterminators, besides getting Amanda out. GM said the choice to put McCranda up was the biggest move, but Amanda wanted something other than getting her out. Bad answer, GM.

Elissa asked what Andy’s biggest game move was before joining The Exterminators. He said it was aligning with Amanda and McCrae. No one knew how close they were. Every week someone would try to get him to flip the house and he would run and tell Amanda and she would vote them out. He had more. Good answer.

Helen asked for the biggest obstacle she had to overcome. GM said she played with her heart and the biggest obstacle was having Nick leave. (Noooo! Bad answer) She should’ve said her own mouth and emotions.

McCrae said Andy would be a bitter jury member if he was stabbed in the back and he stabbed everyone else in the back, so why vote for him? Andy said he said that to cover his own butt, but he never would’ve been a bitter jury member.

Candice asked GM, since she personally offended so many houseguests, why give her the money. She said the cock-a-roaches rant was after Nick’s rant, and she acted the way she acted because she was shocked. Giving her the money would change her life and make all her dreams come true, and she can only be the best GM she can be.

Jessie asked Andy, knowing you need five votes, why did you tell so many unnecessary lies. He said it was partly because he was a coward and didn’t want confrontation. He doesn’t want anyone upset at him. He kissed Jessie’s butt too. Also, if he kept everyone in the dark they couldn’t rat him out. He covered his own butt again.

Spencer said Andy just cost him a lot of money, why give Andy a half a million dollars. Andy said he played the strongest game. He promised GM on night one that he would have her back. He had a thread of loyalty to GM through the whole game. He never put her up. She was the one person he was loyal to.

Andy won that. Best answers. GM choked. Sorry, girl. At least you'll get $50K!

Big Brother 15 Live Finale Recap: And the Winner Is…
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GM's final speech went on and on about how she's just GinaMarie, she's just herself, and everyone would leave with a parting gift from her? Easy win for Andy.

Candice — She's proud to vote for someone she loves and respects.

Jessie — Voting for who played the most consistent game.

Helen — They are both winners in her book, but she's voting for the best game she wishes she could've played. (Andy, this was the winning vote)

Aaryn — This person has always been there for her so she has to be there for that person. (GinaMarie)

Amanda — She's voting for the best person, the best player in the game. (Andy)

Elissa — She's voting for the person who had a flawless social game and made deals with everyone in the house which led them to the final two. (Even though Andy hates Elissa and always bashes her.) (Andy)

Judd — May the best Exterminator win! (GinaMarie)

McCrae — He's hoping whoever wins is buying drinks tonight. (Andy)

Spencer — He's voting for the person who was the best player in the game. (Andy)

Andy won, 7-2! Two votes for GM - Judd and Aaryn.


Amanda finally knows America was the MVP. She ultimately figured it out by process of elimination. Howard talked a bit about the racial statements. Getting out of the house he saw that stuff for himself. He felt bad for his cast members. It came from more than one person, and he just hopes for growth and maturity. Julie Chen said the ugly comments made national headlines. Spencer said it's unfortunate that people were upset and it brought bad publicity. Spencer: "Did I say anything, Julie?" Ha! Julie: "We don't have time right now." Yes, Spencer. Talk to your employers. Jeremy said Helen's mom crying threw him off. He was surprised to see that back.


The top three favorite houseguests: Judd, Elissa and Howard. America's favorite is ... Elissa! Of course. At least GM got to hug Nick again.

What do you think? Are you surprised, happy, sad about the outcome? Just glad to see this season end?

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