Big Brother 15 Recap: Aaryn Fears Amanda, Andy Fools Helen, Elissa Wins POV
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Big Brother 15 Recap: Aaryn Fears Amanda, Andy Fools Helen, Elissa Wins POV

Of course Aaryn didn’t replace Elissa with Amanda! Heaven forbid someone should challenge Demanda on The McCrae and Amanda Show Big Brother 15. As CBS showed on August 21, Elissa came down off the block and Spencer went back up, resuming his position as The Official Pawn of BB15. And Amanda is going to get exactly what she wanted when Helen is voted out tomorrow. But how funny will it be if Helen walks back in, as the juror who returns to the game? (Update: Nope! Judd is back. Helen is out.)

Poor Helen was not aware of the master plan; she thought they were all going to backdoor Spencer. But eventually light dawned. On the live feeds, she basically goes through the five stages of grief, and she’s now on acceptance.

But good for Elissa for winning something (unlike Amanda). Rachel Reilly’s sister is on the rebound … for now. Last time we saw Elissa, Aaryn had won her fourth HOH and put Elissa on the block with Helen. Elissa said, if she was voted out, she wanted to go home, not to the jury. This upset Helen, because — apparently — when this show isn’t rigged for Amanda it’s supposed to be rigged for Helen, and Helen wanted Elissa on the jury to vote for her in the end. But now it looks like Helen may be the one headed to the jury.

When it counted, Elissa put her football yoga skills to use and won the Power of Veto. Aaryn had a chance to make a big move and put up Amanda in Elissa’s place — and after Aaryn’s fight with “Mount St. Amanda” it looked hopeful! She even said “It’s not Big Brother anymore, it’s The McCrae and Amanda Show.” She’s done all their dirty work. She's "bathing in the blood" of everyone Amanda wanted out of the game. And she’s on the verge of adding the wrong blood — Helen’s. But Aaryn is afraid of Amanda's power, so she went for the safety of Spencer, keeping her old ally Helen as the target. Helen was never even Aaryn’s first choice to put up (she wanted to put up Elissa and Spencer, but Demanda demanded Helen) and it’s still not clear if this is something that will help or hurt Aaryn’s game in the long run.

Helen thought McCrae and Andy were on her side, thanks to their fake final three alliance, but the loyalty of “The House” is clearly to Amanda. Andy did A LOT of lying to Helen’s face this week, which could lose him this game. If so, props to Amanda. It’s painful, but if she manages to ruin Andy’s and Aaryn’s games by having them do her dirty work, she gets the points. But if Andy is such a good social gamer that people still like him even after the McCranda loyalty and lies, he deserves to win.

Big Brother 15 Recap: Aaryn Fears Amanda, Andy Fools Helen, Elissa Wins POV
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Back to Elissa. On Wednesday’s show, Elissa was afraid. She didn’t want to have Amanda come after her, so she was slow to tell Helen she was the true target. If you’ve followed the live feeds, you know she’s spent most of Week 8 laying down the law in the house, bashing Demanda and “threatening” (their words) Aaryn and Andy, who naturally played the victim and ran to the queen. (If Amanda is The Wicked Witch of the West, Aaryn and Andy are competing to be top flying monkey.)

Meanwhile, Amanda is bashing Elissa as “pure evil” and wants to do damage to her face. But that’s not threatening at all, right? GinaMarie added that doing damage might make Elissa look better. And Aaryn said Elissa's husband is probably out cheating on Elissa and sleeping with other girls, including Rachel. Nice. By the way, what exactly did Elissa do to earn this level of venom? Because she’s calling out their lies and can’t be manipulated? Clearly Elissa is on the outs with the Mean Girls (including Andy?) which makes her tops in our book, but will it kill her game?

Elissa wants Helen to stay, and it’s refreshing to see someone stand up to The Powers That Be, but will it help or hurt her next week? People in this game are so loath to make moves until they feel attacked, but Helen is now showing why you need to anticipate that move three eliminations in advance. She could’ve stuck with Candice, she could’ve stuck with Jessie. She chose to stick with Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Aaryn, and look what that got her. Now she’s playing the martyr, telling Elissa to fight in Helen’s name next week. Please. Helen brought this on herself.

Now that Elissa is safe, is she using her time in the house the right way? It might be different if she were winning people over, and maybe she will win over whichever jury member returns. But if Elissa doesn’t win HOH tomorrow, she and whoever returns from jury may be the best bets to be nominated. Or Spencer again, since he’s basically playing the game from that pawn spot on the couch.

Earlier today (August 21), Elissa told Helen if she wins HOH, it will be best to put up Amanda and Aaryn, or Aaryn and McCrae. McCranda have a final four 3AM alliance with Andy and Aaryn, but they also discussed getting rid of Aaryn, so they may not even stay loyal to her. Without Helen, Amanda had planned to win over and manipulate Elissa, but that’s looking like a lost cause now.

Follow more live updates at @BB_Updates and @BigBrotherLeak and check back tomorrow night for the live results. Helen will probably leave, but will she come right back in?

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