Big Brother 15 Recap Spoilers: Amanda, Elissa Voted Out in Double Eviction!
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Big Brother 15 Recap Spoilers: Amanda, Elissa Voted Out in Double Eviction!

It’s here! The end of Amanda Zuckerman’s reign of terror on Big Brother 15. She was the first houseguest voted out in tonight’s (Thursday, September 5) Week 10 double eviction. Unfortunately, Elissa Slater followed her out the door. Was that inevitable, or did her last minute 2AM alliance doom her? It certainly didn't do her any favors.

Despite Elissa’s suspicious about-face on Amanda — she voted for Spencer Clawson to leave and made a final three deal with Amanda and McCrae Olson — Amanda left, thanks to the latest betrayal by Andy Herren, followed by GinaMarie Zimmerman's tie-breaking vote.

"Get steppin'!" Whatcha gonna do, gurl? Them's the breaks.

It’s funny that The Exterminators aim to exterminate rats and snakes when Andy is the king of the rats. That’s not necessarily an insult, especially this week when Andy is basically responsible for the end of Amanda. Isn’t that ironic? After all the weeks of Andy listening in on conversations to report back to Amanda — earning her unquestioning loyalty — he is primarily responsible for sending her steppin' out the door. Andy is running this game.

But now that Demanda is gone, that should at least end the rumor that BB15 was rigged for her to win. It felt like the game must’ve been fixed for her sometimes (especially after Elissa made her 180 on voting out Amanda) but the universe corrected itself. Now it’s not rigged, it’s just frustrating and messy.

Amanda called out Andy as she left, but she told Julie Chen it was to help his game. She wasn't sure what happened, until Andy told the truth in his farewell video. Until that point, she suspected Elissa may not have been loyal. She still has Elissa's wedding ring.

See below for live updates on the second HoH, POV and eviction. Even Elissa believed Andy to the end! Andy has magical powers.

LIVE UPDATE 1: McCrae won HoH! See how he is now winning everything he tries for? He's been hanging back, smoking and eating in bed with Amanda all season 'cause he didn't need to actually work. Now he's on a mission. This sucks for Elissa. She's probably going up and out, all in the next half an hour.

LIVE UPDATE 2: McCrae put up the two remaining female houseguests: Elissa and GinaMarie. If Elissa wins Veto, GM will probably go home. If someone else wins Veto, it's probably going to be Elissa.

LIVE UPDATE 3: Judd won POV! He and Elissa were close at one point, but he's now part of The Exterminators with GM, so he'll probably keep the nominations the same. ... And yep, he kept the nominations the same. Elissa is toast. Should she blame Andy or herself for that botched deal with 2AM?

LIVE UPDATE 4: Yep, Elissa left. Unanimous vote. Sad. And when she left - almost running out the door - she thought MCCRAE had betrayed Amanda. Why? Because Andy "looked so shocked." Andy even fooled her into thinking McCranda turned against itself. Wow, Elissa. Way to be so off. Still, Andy is playing everyone so well.

So now the final five are Andy, McCrae, GinaMarie, Judd and Spencer. Who should win?