Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Aaryn’s 4th HOH Noms, POV Updates — Helen in Trouble?
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Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Aaryn’s 4th HOH Noms, POV Updates — Helen in Trouble?

We need to talk about Aaryn.

How do you feel about the Big Brother 15 houseguest as we enter Week 8? It’s hard to root for her with that personality, but you can’t deny she rocks the competitions like a hurricane. Jeremy gave her the first HOH, but she’s already won three others on her own. Not only that, she made a deal with Helen (and Elissa) to do what they wanted, saving herself from the same fate as her old friends Jeremy, Kaitlin, David, etc. The girl has game. Helen keeps comparing her to comp winner Janelle Pierzina, but as Janelle herself put it last week, Helen, Aaryn is not me because you and Amanda would of been on the block! #AarynsaPuppet :(

That’s the main problem. Aaryn is like a pinball who bounces back and forth between Helen and Amanda. Is that a good thing, in terms of her game? If it gets her to the end and she wins, hats off to her. Still, it would be more impressive to see her pair that challenge prowess with some independent thought. Independent thought from any of these HGs would be a breath of fresh air.

But after Thursday’s (August 15) live show, Amanda — who sobbed like a baby when she lost another comp, which was especially funny since McCrae obviously threw it for her — got in Aaryn’s ear saying she has to put up Helen and Elissa.

Aaryn and Elissa can’t stand each other, so Elissa would be expecting a nom. But Helen? Is it in Aaryn’s best interest to put up Helen? Never mind what “The House” wants, or even what viewers want. Helen has earned her own #STFUHelen hashtag with her phony cheerleading/lies and last night’s (August 15) sad backpedaling on trying to eliminate Amanda. The next time someone is “accused” of trying to vote out Amanda, please respond with “Bet your ass I am! Who’s first to give me a medal?”

It’s in Amanda and McCrae’s interest to vote out both Helen and Elissa. But Aaryn should keep Helen for protection. As boring as it sounds, it might be safer for her to put up Elissa and Spencer. Aaryn is friends (most of the time) with GinaMarie and in a 3 AM alliance with Amanda, Andy and McCrae. It might be best for Aaryn to ditch Elissa, since it sounds like Amanda and McCrae (who can’t stand Elissa) might want to keep her to the end, since she also can’t win anything and she might be easy to beat. Aaryn seems like the new Andy, but Elissa could be the new Aaryn — unless she quits.

Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Aaryn’s 4th HOH Noms, POV Updates — Helen in Trouble?
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The latest drama after Jessie’s eviction (see you soon?) is Elissa openly wanting to leave the show. She doesn’t want to go to jury; if she's voted out, she just wants to go home to see her family. This show asks parents to be away from their kids for 100 days, so you can’t blame her — other than blaming her for signing up for the show to begin with. Helen is upset for herself, of course, ‘cause that would lose her a jury vote. Always the politician. Everyone else would love for Elissa to quit. (What about viewers? Elissa can’t stand Aaryn and GM for their anti-Candice comments, so she’s good people in our book.)

So, at this point, it looks like Helen and Elissa are the targets, and if one of them wins POV then Aaryn could just put up a pawn (Spencer?) and take the other out.

Aaryn might actually earn some of her great-gameplay praise in the house if she actually made a big move of her own, like backdooring Amanda. She could do it. She could re-align with the now scared Helen, plus her buddy (sometimes) GM and Spencer. If, say, Helen comes down off the block, they could put Amanda up; then Helen, GM, and Spencer could vote for her, vs. McCrae and Andy for Elissa.

And don’t forget — on Thursday (August 22), one of the jury members will re-enter the game. They will compete for the privilege, so it’s hard to say who might win. Candice, Judd, and Jessie are all pretty not great at comps, so they have an equal shot. If Elissa joins them … she may not even want to re-enter the game. Helen would bust ass to get back in, then maybe she’d bring down the house, ala Jessie last week. That was glorious, just a little too late.

Follow the live feeds this week @BB_Updates and @BigBrotherLeak and stay tuned for updates on Aaryn’s official noms, who wins Power of Veto, and anything else that happens. Like maybe Elissa walking out, which would probably disappoint her sister, BB13 winner Rachel Reilly.

UPDATE: According to @BigBrotherLeak, Amanda, GinaMarie, Elissa, and Helen are Have-Nots for the week, and the Have-Not food is head cheese and habaneros. This could get awkward ... and just plain gross.

UPDATE: Aaryn has indeed nominated Elissa and Helen, as ordered by Demanda & McCraven. POV competition will be held Saturday (August 17). Fingers crossed for Elissa...

UPDATE: Playing for the Power of Veto are Aaryn, Helen, Elissa, GinaMarie, Andy and Spencer. Amanda is hosting.

UPDATE: Elissa won POV! So now it's almost certain that Helen will leave. At this point, it sounds like almost everyone knows Helen is leaving except Helen. It would be great if she left but won her way back in when someone from the jury returns. She'd be pissed as hell at all the people who are lying to her right now, saying that Spencer will leave instead. Spencer thinks Elissa is going to walk off the show. Aaryn now officially doesn't care what people at home think. Get a load of this: "If anyone talks sh-t about me on the internet, I'm just going to give a virtual middle finger and move on ... Any sh-tty label you can give me America, slap it on because I no longer give any f-cks about it." Did someone behind-the-scenes tell her about the general consensus on the Internet? Why would she come out with that now?

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