Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Elissa Now Wants to Save Amanda? Rigged!
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Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Elissa Now Wants to Save Amanda? Rigged!

WTF just happened?

We were all set for Amanda Zuckerman to be the obvious first eviction of Big Brother 15 Week 10's double elimination — and she still may be — but Elissa Slater just randomly cut a final three deal with McCranda, and now she plans to vote out Spencer Clawson on September 5. Huh? Why the heck would Elissa even speak to the woman who was “torturing” her all last week? Did she lose her mind, or did someone in production whisper a little something in her ear when she was in the diary room?

Here's the run-up to whatever just happened. Late last night/early today (September 3), Amanda was feeling like she was already dead. McCrae Olson, who won POV and saved himself off the block, told Amanda they can try to get Elissa's vote, telling her that if she helps to save Amanda, she'd have three people playing for HoH to save her — Amanda, McCrae and Andy Herren.

Elissa asked Amanda if Andy was for sure voting for her to stay. Amanda says that he would save Amanda if Elissa did. Amanda said if Elissa were to save her, she would be 100 percent loyal to Elissa, knowing she was the one to save her. Elissa said she'd have everyone mad at her.

Later, Elissa told Andy it would be stupid for them to work with Amanda and McCrae. Andy agreed: "I don't want to be the reason you go home.” Elissa: "And I don’t want to be the reason you go home. Andy: "If there is a double on Thursday, we should be going after McCrae." Elissa: "Of course. 100%."

OK, and then — according to Big Brother Daily — Elissa was called into the diary room. When she came out she told Amanda she wanted to vote for her to stay. Elissa gave Amanda her rings in exchange for Amanda's gold earrings as collateral to prove their loyalty.

RIGGED! Sorry, but what's with the quick change, unless someone told Elissa to work to keep Amanda? If Amanda lasts through this week we have to believe those rumors that this show is rigged in her favor.

Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Elissa Now Wants to Save Amanda? Rigged!
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To quote BBDaily's roundup, "A short while after coming out of the diary room, Elissa spoke to Amanda and told her that she wants to vote for her to stay. She swore to God and said that she trusts Amanda, McCrae and Judd more than she trusts GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy. Elissa asked if Amanda is sure that Andy will be on board. Amanda said 100%, as long as she is. Elissa then questioned if Amanda will really keep her safe. Amanda swore that she would and said that she would give her anything to hold onto as proof. Elissa explained that she feels it in her heart that she should work with Amanda. Elissa then said that she would vote for Amanda to stay 100%. Elissa said that she was fine with going to the Final 3 with McCrae and Amanda. Amanda swore that she would cut Andy at the Final 4 to take Elissa."


Later, Andy — who never keeps a secret, but this time that's a good thing — told Spencer, Judd and GinaMarie about Elissa's plan to flip the house and vote Spencer out. "Andy said that if Elissa continues to want to do it, he will agree to it but will vote to evict Amanda and will frame Elissa for it. Andy explained that he needs to frame Elissa in order to keep McCrae from coming after him. Andy guaranteed Spencer that he will 100% not vote against him. Andy later went to Amanda and said that it was awesome that Elissa is on board to keep her but he is scared that Elissa is trying to frame him. Amanda understood but said that she can get Elissa's wedding rings as collateral."

The Exterminators still seem to want to vote out Amanda, with an aim to make Elissa the next target. "Andy again said that he plans to act shocked when the vote goes down, as he wants to frame Elissa and say that she is the one that voted to evict Amanda. Andy continually noted that this proves how on board he is with The Exterminators. Judd felt that the diary room is feeding Elissa ideas, seeing as she always comes out of there with different strategies."


But Amanda now has hope. As she just said on the live feeds: "I cannot wait to see the look on Spencer's face." Elissa: "He is going to be so surprised. I'm happy. He's so gross and arrogant."

Even if Amanda does go home this Thursday, thanks to Andy and The Exterminators (sounds like a band), what the heck happened with Elissa? Who talked to her and what did they tell her to make her pull a 180 on Amanda?

UPDATE: Amanda was voted out first, but Elissa followed her right out the door on the Week 10 double eviction. Now the new besties get to hang out together in the jury house. Yay for them!

Sources: @BB_Updates, Big Brother Daily

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